How the Signs Express Their Anger

How the Signs Express Their Anger

Anger, like most other emotions, is an important emotion present in us. No matter how calm or chilled out you are, sometimes, life takes the wrong turn leaving us at a point where all we have is to become angry and burst out. Horoscopes are great at telling about a zodiac's personality. But, that doesn’t take away the fact that signs do get angry! Just as no one is immune to feelings, no one is immune to the feeling of anger. However, each sign has a different way of expressing their anger. You will be surprised to find how many ways they are to express this scary emotion of rage. Read below to get an insight!


Aries- Temper Tantrums


An Aries is quick to get angry and quick to throw their temper tantrums. When angry, an Aries hardly thinks about others' emotions and blurts out whatever comes to their mind. If an Aries is mad at someone, they are mad and there is no sugarcoating of feelings. The fire that rages inside an Aries can also be calmed as quickly as it was started but only if the other person remains calm and does not react.


Taurus- Explosive Anger


A Taurus has its process of building up their anger. At first, they will drop you subtle hints. Then, they will completely turn cold towards you and when you come pestering for the reason, a Taurus erupts like a dormant volcano that has never erupted before! Taureans are not personalities who get angry. Thus, when they do, you can expect a few things to be thrown around here and there.


Gemini- Voicing out their anger


Gemini is anyway the conversationalists among the zodiacs. Thus, it is only natural for them to express their anger by hurling insults, mean comments, shouting followed by screaming. They are very vocal about what hurt them and will make sure you know every inch about it. Owing to Gemini's two-headed personality, they can also suddenly switch to being emotionally cut off, occasionally throwing a nasty cutting remark here and there.


Cancer- Expressive anger


Cancers love attention and thus when they get angry they will first spend the entire day sulking. If someone picks up on that, great. But, if they don’t then the Cancer will turn passive-aggressive. After this phase passes, the Cancer finally withdraws back to their shell, away from the entire world, crying into their pillow.


Leo- Roaring Rage


Like the lion, Leos will roar with rage when angered. Loud is what characterizes how Leo expresses their anger. Shouting. Screaming, you name it. A Leo is fluent in offensive language and barely has any filter over their words, when angry. They forget everyone else and prioritize their feelings at such times.


Virgo- Suppressing queens


Virgos are very uncomfortable with expressing any type of emotions and it is the same with anger. They hold it all in until it is time to burst the bubble. Virgos turn stone cold as they suppress their emotions and detach themselves from the people who made them angry. 


Libra- Seething anger


Libras hate confrontation and they will do everything not to pick up a fight. Mostly they keep themselves in check but when they cant, they completely lose it. Outbursts are what characterizes a Libra's anger.


Scorpio- The brutal being


Scorpios don’t anger easily but when they do it is best advised to stay out of their way. The sarcastic remarks accompanied by the occasional stink-eye is not loved by one! Scorpios can never let it go when angered. 


Sagittarius- Fiery anger


Sagittarius belongs to the fire element and thus is a difficult one to tame when angered. Words are their choice for expressing and that can cut straight through the heart. The best way of dealing with a Sagittarius’ anger is to distract them and change the topic.


Capricorn- Power of Destruction


Capricorns burst when angered as they take it way too seriously. Keep objects out of reach from a Capricorn as they tend to throw everything close to their hand. The angered Capricorn is definitely out of character and surprises everyone. 


Aquarius- Silent Anger


Aquarius hates drama and thus when angered takes to the path of silence. They would stop talking to you and go for a drive instead. An Aquarius usually ignores all signs but opt for the silent path when enough is enough.


Pisces- Emotional Anger


Pisces are very emotional beings and thus when it comes to anger all they can do is feel the hurt. Pisces not only lashes out on the person who angered them but on themselves as well. Low-key terrifying!