How The Rise Of The Bull Will Affect You- All About The Taurus Season

How The Rise Of The Bull Will Affect You- All About The Taurus Season

As we welcome Persephone into the world of living we can see the happiness of Demeter in the form of spring. The hot arid temperature bought by the Aires season will soon change as we step into the Taurus season.


The Taurus season takes place from April 20 to May 20 and the bull is the strongest at this time. Persephone has the power to give birth and her husband Hades has the power to take it. She rules the underworld and is respected in the living world too.

 The Taurus season could mean many things for all zodiacs combined, just like the roles Persephone plays. So watch out what the role bull plays for you.



The time of this star sign is now over and Aires will have to look for new beginnings now. Financially, it is better for you if you focus more on saving stuff than being a shopaholic. Yes, we know that the dress looks cute, but you need to show your self-discipline right now (sad face).



Happy upcoming birthday Taurus. Use your birthday month to show your love for your family and friends. They might need your support more than you know. You will have some deep conversations with the people you care about.



 This time for you is good to keep your friends close and your thoughts closer. We know you love to gossip, but the seemingly harmless talks of yours could lead to big problems in someone’s life. So it's time if you practice to talk less and smile more.



Your emotions are swinging this month. You are on the top of the mountain a moment and fall into the bottomless pit the next. You need to take some stands in your life. Make a decision and stand tough for it.



We know you love when the spotlight is on you. This Taurus season is a great time to let others shine. The work done behind the scenes is also important. Try getting work that lets you shine subtly.



 You may wish to change your workstream. Maybe you are frustrated with the quality of life you are getting with the work you are putting into it. You need to decide on your vocational sector. Sometimes letting it go is the best thing you can do for yourself.



 This could be a good time for you to retrospect on your standing in life. Do you feel like you are wasting a lot of time in your life? Maybe you are burning out. Think about what you want from life and work for it.



Are you struggling in your love life Scorpio? Maybe you are putting all your efforts and your partner just doesn’t seem to care. Maybe it’s the opposite. It is a good time to talk about your issues. Communication is a strong tool. Talk and solve all your problems.



It can be a good time for your yearly health check-up. There are chances you may get some ailments related to the stomach. Take care of your mental health. You may be facing some issues in your life and turn not giving much attention to your health.



It is only natural if you miss your friends. You may feel lonely at times. Try calling them if you are not able to meet them face to face. Video call is a great option too. You know, even a small match can fill a dark room with light.



It’s time for you to get creative. Find your creative outlets and explore them. If you are thinking about starting a new venture, this is the time to do it. The onset of Taurus season could mean new opportunities, so grab the bull by its horn and shine all your colors.



Do you like spring cleaning? Planning on spring cleaning this year? Plan on the spring cleaning of your life. Mark the toxic people of your life and just slam them out. They do not deserve the positivity that you have. DO not let anyone rain on your parade.


The season of Taurus could mean different for each zodiac but overall it will bring better harmony in the lives of everyone.