How Tarot Cards Can Help to Communicate With the Ghosts?

How Tarot Cards Can Help to Communicate With the Ghosts?

Have you ever been fascinated by the whole idea of connecting to the spirits or ghosts? Well, we have seen in many movies how people use different techniques to connect with people from the other side. One of the most popular techniques is the Ouija Board. Another famous tool which many Mediums use for connecting to the other side are the tarot cards. Now, Mediums are psychics who are able to connect with the spirits through different divination tools. Tarot cards are very popular among mediums for this purpose.

It is quite risky and difficult to connect with the spirits and sometimes it can have many consequences as well. While many mediums prefer a particular time of the year like after Halloween but it is possible to communicate with the spirits anytime of the year.

Many people turn to these divination tools like tarot cards for communicating with the spirits of their loved ones or ancestors. But it is advised to perform these under any experienced mediums as sometimes the spirits can enter your mind and that can result into dangerous consequences like nightmares or terrifying visions.

Things to keep in mind while communication with spirits

1.      Connecting to the other side requires a very deep focus. It is very difficult to build that focus, so remove all kinds of distractions and try to perform the reading in a silent place. You need to open up your intuition so that you can get the messages clearly from the spirits.

2.      It requires right intention for receiving messages from the spirits. Always be clear with your intentions prior to the connection. Things like why you want to connect and who do you want to connect should be decided earlier.

3.      Decide which spreads you want to use. Not every people are comfortable with every spread. So, choose your preferred spread to prepare for the reading. Most mediums prefer 3 card or 5 card spread for communication.

4.      As you know connecting to the other side is risky, so many readers prefer to use some sort of protection to protect themselves so that the spirits can’t harm them. Some use special crystals to mark themselves safe while some prefer prayers.

5.      Tell the spirits how you want to communicate with them. Tell them any sign for yes or no so that they are able to communicate with you. For example, you can ask them to make any sound once if their answer is yes or twice for no. Usually you can only ask a yes/no questions from a spirit. You also need to ask the spirits to move your hands once you have spread the cards. In short, just explain all the things that you need them to do so that they don’t find any difficulty while communicating with you.

How spirits sends messages to a reader?

When the spirits will be in the room you will feel a cool sensation in any part of your body, it’s a sign that denotes that the spirits have arrived. The sensation can be in your hands, shoulders or sometimes you can have goose bumps. Don’t get scared just relax and proceed with your readings.

If the card chosen by the spirits has woman or some feminine things in it then that indicates the presence of a female spirit in the room. While if the spirit is male then the picked card will have masculine things. This way the spirits tell you who they are. Sometimes, you may attract any different ghosts so don’t be afraid if you are not able to identify who the spirit is. Go ahead and ask them politely and tell them to give any message in any of the way that you have explained.

Sometimes you can also hear messages in a voice or you can see any image in your intuitive mind by which the spirits are trying to answer your questions or giving any information that they want you to know. But sensations are common. Often readers experience a pressure in any part of the body.

As fascinating as these things sound, it is dangerous so before performing these readings make sure you have a very deep knowledge of the cards so as to understand the messages of the spirits. And also these readings doesn’t last longer as the spirits may get tired.