How strong is your immunity? Zodiac version.

How strong is your immunity? Zodiac version.

The current situation that we are in is pushing us more and more towards becoming health conscious. The pandemic has told us, showed us just how important immunity could be for a human being. It has proved Darwin’s theory of evolution correct, the strongest survive. 

The more we know about this new virus, the more is there that we don’t. Vaccines, the one true hope, are still destined to be available to the public some time from now. Thus our only hope is to get the level of immunity that would protect us from this virus. Either we are saved from contracting this disease, or if unfortunately, we do become the victim, our immunity fights well COVID-19 and come out thriving. 

But is how to know how well is our immunity? 

Firstly, relying simply on our previous and innate immunity isn’t the way to go. We need to, now more than ever, to start taking care of our health. It becomes essential that we do all that we can to increase our immunity. And there are several ways we can do that. 


But what if there was a way to know how our immunity is? Astrology seems to be answering this question for us too. It answers this question with the help of zodiac signs.


These are the four zodiac signs that seem to be blessed with very strong immunity.


There is a lot that defines this sign, from being mysterious to being the Sherlock Holmes of the zodiac community. But that is not all. This sign is known to be a very health-conscious sign. They love to take care of their health. And though they are a big-time risk-takers, they keep themselves protected and strong. Their lifestyle is what keeps them and their immunity in a good shape. They are not one for binge-eating unhealthy food, instead, they are the ones to control and manage all their meals. Moreover, you are likely to see them in a gym or on a run even during the lazy weekends.



This sign is a lot more than just shy and delicate. It is most likely the healthiest sign in the zodiac universe. The reason is their nature to panic at even one tiny thing. They have always been the one you’d find on the terrace or balcony at five in the morning, with a yoga mat and doing complete 12 sets of Suryanamaskar. They have always been the ones to take extra precautions. The moment the news spread about the existence of this virus, even before it came to the country, the Virgos had started preparing their health. And that paid off. 



Bull of the zodiac, Taurus, is nothing if not strong. They are extremely strong both mentally and physically. They are the ones to handle and tackle everything head-on, and this works well when they are armored with strength. Whenever they suffer from any illness, they are the ones to come out of it stronger and with more immunity. They take great care of their health, after all, a bull needs to maintain and keep on increasing its strength. They love being in control of their body and due to all their efforts, their immunity stays high. 



Leos are the self-obsessed sign, how can they not be worried about their health? They take pride in maintaining great health. Go to a gym early in the morning, you are likely to see Leo there along with Scorpio, looking over new plans to follow. Leo is all about looking and being the best at almost everything. They get irritated simply by the idea of having to spend a lazy day doing nothing. Given their adventurous nature and their enthusiasm, it is no surprise that their actions have made their immunity strong. They are also the ones who are forcing their loved ones, during this pandemic, to take steam, correct precautions, and do more of physical exertion and whatnot! 


If your sign is on the list, or even if not, one must take all the necessary measures to protect oneself from this highly contagious virus. One should not only try to stay away and protected but should also armore themselves by increasing their immunity by any means possible.