How Spirituality can help you find true meaning of life?

How Spirituality can help you find true meaning of life?

Indulging in spiritual growth can be the best form of contemplative practice for life. Such activities guide you and help direct your attention to things that really matter in life. Once you start to look inward, your life outwards begins to improve on its own.

Spiritual traditions around the world have indulged in various practices to help the soulful development of a person. In this article we have touched some of these topics that can help you initiate or speed up your journey. Let’s look at some of the benefits of these practices-

Contemplative Practices

These are practices which involve a good amount of self reflection. Most religions around the world suggest one way or another to contemplate on life and improve its efficiencies. Here are some contemplative practices you can embrace-

Meditation and Chronic Illness

Meditation helps to induce the feeling of clarity and calm in people of all ages. If you struggle to concentrate, and focus in your life, then this could be the ultimate solution for you. Research has found that meditation increases grey matter in the brain. Moreover, it reduces your sensitivity to pain and improves your immune system.

For people suffering from various diseases, meditation can be a real blessing. It has been shown to show positive results in people with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, and chronic pain.

Prayer and Positivity

Prayer is the biggest form of emotional support that a person can ever come across. People who have failed to benefit from therapy and psychiatric treatment, often resort to prayer and see improvement in a matter of days.

Moreover, prayer improves the overall health of your body. It also helps you perform better in various spheres of life such as work, studies, and even relationships. Many studies have also found that people with strong religious and spiritual sentiments respond much better to any kind of medical treatement.

Yoga and Health

We do not need to emphasize how quickly Yoga has been getting popular in this century. People around the globe have embraced its many benefits and are quick to admit the benefits they have experienced through this practice. There is a lot that Yoga is able to achieve through physical postures, and ethical practice.

Even the simple act of breath expansion can help heal your body from the inside. It has been found that people performing regular have much healthier organs as compared to the rest of the population. Yoga reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure, and helps maintain a healthy body weight. For anyone seeking spiritual growth, Yoga is a strong place to start.

Communal Practices

Communal practices include activities like mass prayer, pilgrimage, and spiritual readings. The growth you have alone increased manifold when you share it with people. Here we have discussed how-

Overcoming Hardships

In today’s times, there are many people who deal with the evils of modern society. This includes trauma, depression, stress, and anxiety. Often a person is led to feel alone in the face of such problems. This is where communal spirituality starts playing an important role.

People who share your faith help you meet the challenges of life more efficiently. Sharing human experience and indulging in mystical practices like astrology, tarot reading, and so on, can help improve faith and spiritual resilience.

Improved Lifespan

There are many reviews which have shown that people with spiritual inclinations tend to live longer. This is especially true of people who share their spirituality with a community and indulge in group practices. Spiritual people can have as much as 18% reduction in mortality.

When you have strong spiritual bonds with people, you do not feel the need to indulge in bad habits to satisfy your spirit. Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam- or any other religion- faith has known to help people live longer and healthier.


Spiritual practices are able to help a person garner a lot of faith and soulful support. When your sufferings have reduced, you will be more likely to find such ways which improve your quality of life. Not only this, you will be able to get more in touch with yourself and find the true meaning of life.