All of us know how we act when we are hungry and even tend to be cranky, and even can be hangry. But there can be times even when Zodiac signs tend to react differently. Without a doubt, every single sign will react differently to hunger, and let us see how they react when they are hungry because when some signs are hungry it is best that you stay away from them.


Aries are people who get super angry if they are not given food when they are hungry and tend to get angry increasingly as time passes and no food in sight. More so ever, they seem to be like this dark cloud full of anger and hunger until their hunger is satisfied. They also tend to get extremely confrontational and will go off on you for the smallest of things.


Taureans tend to get hungry as well, but the thing is that they are health freaks and usually tend to see what they eat and ensure that it is healthy. But the more hungry they get, they get irritated and angry at the same time and give in to their cravings. Even if it is unhealthy. They even end up having their comfort foods, diet be damned. But once their hunger has been satisfied, they return back to their normal selves.


Geminis are people who love talking and knowing other people, and they will try their best to not show how hungry they are. They will try their best not to spoil anyone’s day with their upcoming hunger tantrum and the longer they go without food, the faster they start losing control. They would end up talking fast or do not even make sense while they talk and the filter between their mouth and brain will disappear.


Cancerians are people who are extremely sensitive and emotional, and the hungrier they get the more they cannot seem to control their emotions and tend to get overly emotional as time passes. A person who is usually calm and sweet turns into a raging monster if they continue to go on hungry.


The reaction from this sign is actually surprising because they belong to the fire element and should get ballistic over the fact that they are actually hungry, but the more hungry they get, the angrier they get and they tend to spend more time in controlling their anger over the fact that they are hungry, and are getting hungrier by the minute. Because of this, they tend to feel exhausted and a loss of energy, and even lose the energy they had to go on about the day.


Virgos will get super analytical and critical about everything when they are hungry. They get extremely demanding and start acting irrational the more hungry they get. They will definitely start acting more normal after they get some food in their belly.


Libras are people who love, love food. The more hungry they get, the more single-focused they will get on food, where ever they go, all they will be thinking about is food and food. Until their hungry subsides, they will be getting increasingly food-focused.


Scorpios are people who get extremely overdramatic when they are hungry. Every problem to them during the time they are hungry seems so huge and problematic, something that cannot be solved. And to them, it seems that every problem just comes into their life when they are hungry.


Sagittarius will eat anything that comes in sight when they are hungry. They are not that particular when it comes to food when they are hungry and start feeling weak the more hungry they get. So, they just eat whatever they find.


Capricorns are always looking at what they eat and making sure that what they eat is healthy, so when they are hungry, they really do not care whether what they eat is healthy or not. If they feel like eating junk food, that is exactly what they are going to go and get, and eat in the car, they would not even wait to get in the office.


Aquarians are people who are warm and welcoming, but when they are hungry and continue being hungry for a long time, they get extremely irritable and cranky.

Pisces- Pisces tend to blame themselves for not eating on time and tend to get mad at themselves.