Being short-tempered means to get angry really easily and sometimes even without a valid reason. Some people can mask their anger easily and for some, it is easily shown on their faces and by the way they act. Are you one of them? Do you always find yourself being at the shorter end of the fuse? Does the smallest action by someone make you angry? Do you feel the anger coursing through your body over someone being stupid? Yes, that means you are definitely short-tempered and no, it does not mean that people are being stupid. Or, it could still mean both. But the point remains that you are short-tempered. Not only that but being short-tempered also affects your health. It increases your blood pressure, gives you endless migraines and flushes your skin which is definitely not a poster child for good health.

Being short-tempered could be even related to your Zodiac sign as your Zodiac signs are based predominantly on how your personality really is.


Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and is aggressive people by nature. It is not surprising considering the fact that they are ruled over by the red, hot planet. So, it is not equally surprising that they have a very short fuse and usually, it does not even take a fuse to light up their temper. When an Aries is mad or pissed off, it is better to stay away from their path because they are looking for the minuscules and tiniest reason to set them off on people and let go of their aggression.


Taureans are ruled by the planet Venus and are known to be stubborn people by nature. They are as calm as they come and very little things manage to make them angry. But when they are mad, you have just waved a red flag right in front of the bull's face and you can do very little to calm them down and hope that their anger cools off soon.


Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury and are people who have a pleasant deposition until someone makes them angry. While they are people who are all bark and no bite when they are mad, sometimes, most of the times what they say in anger are pretty hurtful, mean, rude and uncalled things to the unfortunate person who bears the brunt of their anger.


Cancerians are ruled by the Moon and are sensitive people by nature. They tend to get very passive-aggressive when they are angry and since they are emotional people and do not know how to deal with their anger in the right way, they end up bursting into frustrated tears and often tend to use a passive-aggressive approach against the people who made them angry in the first place.


Leos are ruled by the Sun and people who are naturally very open and when they do get angry at someone, they end up being loud and noisy, they roar at the person who has made them mad. Leos are natural leaders and because of this, they tend to have short tempers when someone tends to doubt their abilities. They try their best to be understanding of the situation, but sometimes, it just fails.


Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury and tend to be calculative people. They have complete reign over their tempers and hardly anything angers them. But when they do get mad, they have a tendency to break things and end up hurting themselves more than reducing the anger inside them. They also tend to hold onto grudges.


Libras are ruled by the planet Venus and people who are super conscious of how people perceive them. They tend to have better control over their tempers and because of the fact that they care about what other people think of them, they tend to throttle their temper more than throttle the person who made them angry in the first place. Sometimes, which is like once in a blue moon, they lose their cool.


Scorpios are ruled by the planet Mars and are an extremely intense person by nature. They may look calm but they are definitely angry and at the shorter end of the fuse. The calm they portray is exactly like the calm before the storm because if you push them more right after that, they will go after your neck, strictly in the figurative sense. You would wish that they did actually go for your neck physically after they are done with their verbal tongue lashing that must have killed you three times already, to begin with.


Sagittarius are ruled by the planet Jupiter and have absolute and complete control over their emotions. They hate drama and fights and tend to deviate away from them. But when they do get mad, they end up hurting people with their words.


Capricorns are ruled by the planet Saturn and tend to be responsible by nature. They hardly show what they feel and when they do get angry, they inwardly seethe. When you feel as if they are actually angry, they give you a good reason why you should have not asked them in the first place on how they feel as they end up removing their anger on you by giving you a tongue lashing.


Aquarians are ruled by the planet Saturn and Uranus and are people who do not get angry easily and when they do get angry, they tend to sulk off alone and to cool their temper by themself.