How reconnecting with nature can drive success?

How reconnecting with nature can drive success?


Our life has always been dependent on the environment we are living in. the resources and the ample amount of nutrients we get in the form of light, water soil is so much more than the man-made goods that eventually spoils the quality of our surroundings.   We are so much focused on the hustle and bustle around we tend to forget to acknowledge the very base of our survival and how it has been affecting our lives ever since the beginning.
due to the recent development of the technology around our eyes are used to seeing screens of different sizes all our life. The first thing in the morning we pick up our phones and go through the news or a notification about something. Not only have we been dependent on this life technique due to so much exposure to the screen time that our brain has also stopped looking for anything beyond this box. The mental blockage and a weak mind that has been making things so difficult for a person to live a stable life is because he or she doesn’t take out time to appreciate the wonders of nature, and incorporate such activities in their busy schedule so that they still have a link to the abundant things nature has to offer. 

Since when have we been so busy that a jog in the park nearby, or a peaceful meditation in the garden of our house, or maintain the greenery become so obsolete and tedious the natural connect we used to have is long gone and erased by the tons of work at office or college and that so much reflects on the quality of work we produce.  We lack the most common thing in our life and that is pace, steadiness, and a calm, open mind. That is only possible we have the time and mind space of letting something so simply enter your mind. That is why when we see our elders we see a different glow in their past and present life when they show or tell their past experiences. The long walks, treks, meditations, jog, gardening whatever they did it always brought a better version of themselves and those experience when done every day connects you to a different angle of yourself which is much more subtle, soft and calm and believes that everything should be driven at their own pace and success will follow thereafter. Because in their time, the technology was introduced just adequately and not much access was given to each of them, so the free time was invested in some quality work.   

Connection with nature can help us drive towards our success in many ways:

the right amount of mindset and will is needed to complete such actions. We know constant practice, determination towards a project, spending days, and night over one file can be such an arduous task in the first place. Ever wondered why after so much pressure when we go for a short break in the nearby hill station we feel more relaxed? or when we see the might mountains and the stillness in the air with a clear stream flowing alongside a beautiful scenery soothes your soul? Do you not feel a power boost of energy that your mind suddenly resets and filled with positivity that new ideas and creations enter your mind? All of this is only because when we fall back to the lap of our mother nature we feel the lost link and the clarity we always needed in life.

Nature improves our well-being:

the basic crux of our life is just limited in the walls of work and profession where we fail to give ourselves a much-needed break from the continuous submissions and projects all around. We connect to nature a greater and brighter part of our life opens up in the most beautiful way around and the results are seen in a very effective way. Our mother nature is very quick to show and give that same amount of love back along with so much to learn and imbibe in our life. When we start relating to our environment we can draw so much information that is related to our life and lessons that actually benefit us in some way or the other.  We feel the change from within, we feel elevated, more sensible and stronger than before once we establish a strong link with our environment.

The environment provides information.

Not only does nature uplifts our mentality and soul it also has information in abundance. We can spend our whole life on the study of our nature but still so much more is left to the open eyes. We can never stop and we should never stop to examine our resources and extract information but not exploiting it. Let’s start from the fact that the main source of our survival needs our help to recover and we are the people who have to guard the authenticity of our environment.

Success and the link to nature.

it is proven that people who keep their surroundings in their minds always have a better thinking process and an uplifting mentality. Those who keep the well-being of their environment as their priority, they never fail to acknowledge the good in their life. Success is just a delusionary term and no one really knows when you are “successful” because for some the amount in their bank won’t matter much but the goodwill they have around will allow them to have a sound sleep at night.
Let’s learn to appreciate things which are already present in our life and connect to the foundation first rather than aiming for higher things because once we decide to draw a link with our nature the journey towards achieving your goals will definitely begin to unfold in the most glorious way possible. When you let yourself go and surrender yourself to the environment you will have so much to learn, to extract and so a better life that can be driven by the happiness of you get to achieve your goals.