How much does the card position matter while reading the Tarot cards?

How much does the card position matter while reading the Tarot cards?

When thinking about the tarot reading for more than one card, it is important to think about the position of the card. While reading the meaning of the tarot cards we cannot assign arbitrary meaning to the card. There is a reason that the guardian angels made you select the card for the specific position often in some tarot spreads the position has a special meaning.

The cards talk about the past present and future of a person and until and unless the past can be exchanged with the mystery of the future, there is no way that the cards can be interchanged. So simply said, yes the position of cards does matter.   

Does the placement of the spread matter?

In the illustration when the tarot cards are placed we can lay them horizontal or vertical or diagonally. A chaotic mind would even consider keeping them in some random manner. The question that does the physical position of the cards matter has two schools of thought.

Some tarot readers think that the way that the tarot cards are placed in a spread does not matter as they do not signify much. Others have a thought that the physical position of the cards are very important as they tell about the interaction between the cards.

This interaction between the cards acts when the figures or the numbers of the two near-placed cards are similar or contrasting. The interaction also takes place when the symbols are shared between two cards.

Some believe that it does affect the meaning, others do not say so. For you, it is on your personal belief to find which school of thought you resonate yourself more with.

How the tarot card positions affect its meaning?

In the general sense, it is thought that the numbers the cards are drawn are similar to the way time works. In the most basic three cards spread the cards can be placed on the surface in any position. At the same time, it is important to keep a check on the order they are drawn. The three cards that are drawn show the past present and future of the person who draws them.

Here the first card is thought to show the past of the person. While reading the card you must take into consideration that it shows the adversaries and the opportunities that a person who drew the card saw in the past.

The second card is used to show the presence of the person who draws the card. The challenges that the person is facing or the right set of circumstances that can work for him or her in the future are checked by this card.

The third card is used to see the future of the person. All the details of the person’s life can be seen using this card. Make sure that while you read this card, you read it from the perspective of the future.

Some tarot readers have a feeling that this card spread is very ambiguous and does not give detailed answers. In such a case they use the five-card spread that makes a person draw five cards instead of three and the positions of the card talk about the far part, near past, present, near future, and future that is far away.

Roles of the tarot card positions

Tarot card positions are also important when you take the need of using the Tarot card into the picture. The tarot spreads are not always used for finding the information of the past, the present, and the future.

At times highly specific Tarot spreads are used that give the information of only the romantic life or the Job of a person. In spreads like these, you must think of the pattern the tarot cards are drawn in. it depends on your personal preference if you wish to consider the physical position of cards.

If you wish to, you can read the tarot spreads from two different points of view and get in more core details of what the guardian angels wish to tell you.

In the end, we need to understand that although the art of reading Tarot cards is dated back centuries, it is still a budding philosophy changing with time. While following a direction while reading the tarot card spreads you think in all the factors of a person’s life and not follow one.

It will be great if you give importance to the positions of a Tarot spread, but if you do not wish to it's alright. It is completely up to your choice.