How love compatibility is determined by Kundali matching?

How love compatibility is determined by Kundali matching?

There are many different ways in which the compatibility between two people are checked. One of the most popular and useful methods of compatibility check is the ritual of Kundali matching. It is an auspicious process which has been followed in the astrology from a very long time. The ritual of Kundali matching includes matching the Gunas of two people getting married. The Kundali or the birth chart is a kind of document which has the positions and movements of different planets and other celestial bodies in it. The process of Kundali matching between two people is very complex. Let us discuss the process of Kundali matching in details.


What is Guna Milan?

In the Kundali of every people, there are 36 gunas. These 36 gunas represent different factors in life. Gunas can be translated into English as “Qualities”.

 The process of Guna Milan in Kundali matching is followed to match the gunas of one person with the gunas of the other person. The 36 gunas are matched with each other. But when does a couple considered to be compatible with getting married? The answer is, in astrology, the marriage is preferred only when the number of matched gunas is at least 18. Then the couple will have a 50% compatibility with each other. The marriage shouldn’t be done if the Guna Mila results have less than 18 matched gunas in it. Then, the compatibility level is really low between the couple. The different results in the Guna matching or Guna Milan are -

1. Less than 18 matched Gunas - Not favourable for getting married. The marriage will be very difficult as the compatibility is very low.

2. 18 matched Gunas - a couple can get married. But the compatibility is not that great. There will be issues and dissimilarities between the couple.

3. 18 - 24 Gunas matched - the marriage is acceptable. But the compatibility will be average.

4. 24 - 32 Gunas matched - the compatibility will be very good. The chances of a successful marriage will be very high in this case.

5. 32 - 36 Gunas matched - This case is suitable for getting married. When a couple has 32 - 36 gunas matching, then they are considered to be a perfect pair.

The above scores easily explain the significance of the various results of the Kundali matching. The Guna Milan is one process which is followed in the process of Guna Milan. The other process that is followed by Guna Milan is the checking of Kundali dosha.


Kundali Dosha check

In the kundali of people, the main contents are the movements and positions of planets. There are certain planets whose influence can create negative effects on the life of people. These planets are considered to be a malefic planet as these planets are considered to negatively influence one’s life.

Certain doshas create issues and challenges in the life of people who have the dosh. While there are certain planets whose influence can create problems in the life of people getting married to the individual suffering from the dosha.

There are certain doshas, where effects are seen after the marriages. The effects of these planets in the married life is very huge. There are some doshas which can create disputes in the relationship of husband and wife. The disputes in the relationship mean that the husband and wife will have frequent fights, misunderstandings and disagreements. Communication might also become an issue. The relationship might get to a very difficult point. Some doshas can create issues in the childbirth. A certain couple might face problems while giving birth to the child. There are cases where the child born is very weak. Doshas can also cause infertility. Other issues are financial instability, health issues, professional challenges etc.

 Hence, we could understand how essential and complex the Kundali matching process is. But this process is very effective and can give accurate results if the astrologer performing it is doing it correctly.