How Kundali Matching Predicts- Fortune, luck and Wealth after marriage

How Kundali Matching Predicts- Fortune, luck and Wealth after marriage

Marriage is one of the most beautiful and momentous events in one’s life. It is one of the most important rituals among all 16 rituals in Hinduism. Marriage is said to make or break a life, it is a new beginning of two individuals with great responsibilities and connection. It brings happiness in one’s life, spending the life together with each other also means sharing karmic burden and benefits of each other, in the same way, luck matters or plays a great role in marriage after and before affecting their life.

Vedic Astrology can help us in predicting our wealth, luck, happiness in our married life by matching the kundali’s. Kundali or birth chart plays a very important role in marriage. The birth chart of the prospective bride and groom is matched so as to take out the gunas and if more than 24 gunas match then it is considered to be an ideal match. The Kundli is given the utmost importance in the marriage as it determines the probability of success and happiness after marriage.

Also, in Vedic astrology, both the planets Mercury and Venus have great significance in the horoscope of every person. The presence of Mars in the 1st, 4th, 8th or the 12th house indicates Manglik Yoga. This dosh is considered as the most malefic dosh in the kundali which will have a great negative impact at the time of marriage.

And also the positioning of planets such as Saturn, Mars, and Rahu has a very important role in affecting one’s married life

The Janam kundali of a person is a birth chart which represents 12 houses, the positioning of the planets in each house will reveal the aspect of luck and fortune in person’s life. Some people may not be enjoying now or has slow growth or success in life, but after marriage  they start enjoying more luck, success and wealth this change may be seen or fortune brought by the spouse, the entry of bride at his husband’s house is proved to be an auspicious one which brings prosperity and luck in family’s life and in Indian society, Kundali Matching is done usually to match the qualities of two individuals and see whether the marriage will bring luck, fortune and happiness or misery.

In kundali matching, we look at the birth chart which shows different houses and planets position or movement. Here are the Houses and their role in luck, fortune/wealth after marriage:

1. The related houses in this aspect are second, seventh, and eleventh which build a potential relationship with the planets and other houses providing financial gains wealth after marriage.

2. 7th house in the kundali is related to the spouse, some benefic planets placed in this house brings happiness and prosperity.

3. 8th house in one’s kundali deals with a fortune of a partner’s life. Good placement of this house in a partner’s life will bring luck to their life and shower lots of love, wealth and health.

4. if the lord of second house and the second house of Lagna chart in kundali is very well connected giving you good signs in your favor, there are chances of wealthy married life, both the families and couple will enjoy financial benefits after marriage.

The lord of each house in each other’s kundali also signifies the luck or fortune, wealth in the married life.

If the lord of 7th house is placed in 2nd house or If the lord is in 11th house or

Great connection of 7th house lord with 2nd, 5th and 11th houses and also

If for performing business in the name of your wife, the 7th house should be positioned in the 10th house.

All these are checked before matching the kundali for marriage, so that one can find the compatibility between the couple, will it be a successful and happy marriage ahead or full of misery.

Apart from the effect of houses also the position of planets Venus and Jupiter plays an important role in determining the luck in or after the marriage. The Jupiter position in men’s kundali and Venus in women’s kundali should be well placed and indicating happiness so it helps in successful married life.

On the other hand, if the planets are the malefic or unfriendly and positioned in second, fifth or eleventh it will not be favorable for your marriage, you may suffer from loss of wealth and bad fortune, negative effects on your married life, if the lord of 2nd house is under the influence of malefic or cruel planets.