How Kundali can predict about different consequences of life?

How Kundali can predict about different consequences of life?

Sometimes, a marriage can become very beautiful and strong and then there are some cases when the marriages become so weak and fragile that they eventually break. Many reasons cause a marriage to break but are there any chances of knowing the consequences of life?

The answer is yes, there is a ritual followed in astrology which is said to predict the different consequences of life by performing matching of the birth chart or in astrology Janam Kundali. The matching is used to understand whether the marriage will be favourable or not.

A marriage depends a lot on the couple. The way the two people involved in the marriage handles their relationship determines the condition of the marriage. There are times when the couple genuinely puts a lot of effort and hard work in the relationship and the result can be seen in the relationship and bond they share with their partners. But is there any way by which we can understand whether the two couple will be compatible or not? The Kundali matching not only predicts about consequences but also checks the compatibility. It gives the consequences after studying the compatibility between the couple.


What is Kundali matching?


Kundali matching is a ritual in which the Janam Kundali of two individuals getting married is matched in order to understand if they are compatible or not. The Janam Kundali has got a lot of information about the person it is made. All the information are predictions about behaviour, career, love life, money, relationships with family etc. Considering these qualities the kundali can predict a lot about one’s future. Many times people turned towards Kundali predictions to make necessary decisions in life. Hence, in marriages too the predictions play a huge part in determining the best decisions.


How Kundali matching makes predictions?

Kundali matching studies the various positions and movements of heavenly bodies. Astrology believes that these positions make necessary changes and influences our life to a huge extent. These studies can only give predictions. The influence of these bodies in our life has made these changes and thus, they are studied to determine what can be a possible consequence of it in life. These studies are very underrated and people often term it as superstitions but they do have an influence in our life.

The Janam Kundali is created with the help of the positions of the heavenly bodies at the time of birth. These positions are represented in the form of graphs in Kundali. Astrologers study the positions and determine which planets affect your life in what way.


What are the things that affect our lives?


Astrology believes that every planet had a specific position at the time of our birth. Those positions can be favourable and can be unfavourable for us. The favourable positions will be to bring good things in life. Success, peace, happiness etc. are certain things that are achieved by the favourable position of planets. A person is blessed with lots of good opportunities, strengths, skills, behaviour due to these positions of planets. It can change a lot of things in life.

While the unfavourable position can bring lots of negative things. Disputes in relationships, financial instability, fewer opportunities are very common. The malefic effects of certain planets can be highly dangerous. Sometimes, people also start developing negative characteristics in themselves like ego, anger etc. The patience level decreases, they stay frustrated. These are just some things that an unfavourable position of planets can change.

Thus, the influences can bring a large amount of both positive and negative things in life. This way they develop different consequences. With the help of Kundali, one can understand the different aspects and study the consequences. People have made a large number of decisions just by considering all the advises taken from the astrological predictions.