How is Astrology and Numerology Interlinked?

How is Astrology and Numerology Interlinked?

From ancient times, there were various kinds of methods both scientifically and spiritually to predict the upcoming future. These predictions were not accurate but it almost was true. Among those various methods of predicting, Astrology and numerology topped the list. These two methods are the most popular and famous methods to analyze the unexpected future.

It is a common assumption that both astrology and numerology are the same but they are just interlinked and interdependent.  They both are the common practice of ancient science since eons.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is an old science that is used to claim the divine connection about human affairs and the movements of celestial bodies in the sky.  It is has been in use since the 2nd millennium BCE and it is completely believed across the world. Astrology is still considered a scholarly tradition and has dug so deep into the traditions of Hindus and Chinese. Astrology is closely connected to astronomy, alchemy, metrology, and medicine.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study or a belief that draws a divine connection between numbers and terrestrial and futuristic events. It is the study that emphasis on the numerical value of letters to frame names. It is often considered along with divine methods of sages and astrologers. Numerology is unproven claimed science that is widely believed by many spiritual followers. Numerologists are those people who draw connections between the numbers and the events to predict the future and also the people who those who have faith in number in everything they do.

How are Astrology and Numerology Interlinked?

Both astrology and numerology are different in nature. Astrology is the study of stars and planets in the sky and their connection with life on earth while numerology is the study of numbers and how the vibrations of the numbers are connected to life. Both of these methods predict the future.

Even though these systems are entirely different they are interdependent. Astrology needs mathematics calculation to determine the positions of the celestial bodies in the sky, their angles and degrees and the breakdown of date of birth and many other components.

Astrology is meaningless without the numbered input about the person, and numerology also involves the celestial bodies. The astrological meanings and analysis require the perfect angles of the planets and stars. They are drafted in a square box and then the positions are noted down. The position of the planets at the time of birth is compared to the positions now and then the future predictions are drafted. The numbers play a vital role in determining the positions of the celestial bodies.

The planets are designated to specific numbers as every number holds a special meaning. The planets’ influence is then compared to the vibrations of the numbers and then the personality is drafted. Both studies go hand in hand in drafting the future.

The relation between both studies was implemented way back in the 6th century BC when the great mathematician Pythagoras used numerology and astrology. He was the first person to link the numbers and the stars. And after decades, he found a deep connection between them. He developed deep meanings of the numbers and even stars and planets. The deep meanings were then connected and interlinked.

Sync Between Astrology and Numerology?

When you compare one reading of astrology and one reading of numerology, it can be found that both are so synced to each other. A higher meaning is achieved when both the readings are put together.  The planets are given specific numbers and the numbers mean certain characteristics.

For example, the moon is given number 2 as the number comes in pairs and the moon represents the interdependence of two people.  The number one represents the sun as the sun is the only source of sunlight and leads the solar system.

The numbers and planets are also segregated on the basis of either masculine or feminine energy they possess. These are connected to the zodiac signs and the personalities are determined. Numerology and astrology are completely interconnected as the stars and plants need numbers to identify themselves. And the numbers are governed by specific planets to exhibit various characters and personality qualities.

Even though they are interlinked, few numerology methods are independent of astrology. Many astrologers of ancient times used numbers as their key to predicting the future. Even today the auspicious time is verified with the stars and the numbers to begin a new business or to build a new house. Both astrology and numerology go hand in hand to predict the future.