Marriage is an essential part of anybody’s life. Love helps keep the soul alive. Most people fall in love but only a few are destined to turn that relationship into a marriage. Marriage is a very pure and beautiful relationship.

It is a relationship which involves two souls, who are deeply in love with each other; promise to always stay together no matter the problems, and be completely committed to their significant other.

But nowadays, people are not bothered that much with the promises they make and treat all of those commitments and promises very casually. They do not care about how the other person is feeling and will also not make an effort to know.

They let their ego overpower their true emotions, their situations and allow misunderstandings to arise or increase. All these lead to the inclination of the relationship towards a pile of negative thoughts and actions.

There is disharmony between the couple and their respective families, tension arises between the families and all these also have adverse effects on each of the couple’s job, career and also their social life.

In order to avoid such grave issues and have a happy and blissful married life, it is important to foresee the future. There are factors which help in maintaining a happy married life like proper communication, appropriate gestures, and intimacy of emotions. These not only help in maintaining but also help in igniting the spark and fuelling it.

Importance of Kundali Matching:

To know whether your married life is going to have a smooth path, Kundali Matching helps in analyzing it. It is an essential aspect which involves taking the couple’s nature and zodiac matching into consideration and predicting their prospects of marriage.

If this is not given much importance and ignored thinking it to be superficial, it might be troublesome. The effects occurring on ignoring such important points might result in a disturbed marriage or even a broken marriage.

If while getting astrological readings you happen to see the existence of Manglik Dosha, it is advised to take the required precautions and measures in order to have a cordial and a peaceful marriage.

Remedies for Manglik Dosha:

There are different remedies in astrology which can help to stop divorce and see that the marriage between two people works smoothly. With proper remedies, you are likely to make peace with your partner and live a happy married life.

If you consult a well versed and experienced astrologer, he/she is likely to help you with different and effective remedies in order to solve marriage related problems.

The implementation of proper remedies will ensure that you have a happy married life with your partner and also restore the harmony between the husband and the wife.

Marriage solutions and Kundali matching:

There are various ways in which you can save your marriage because of some flaw in your Kundali. One thing you can do in particular is plant a Tulsi in your home. Tulsi helps in improving the relationship between two people.

Women members of the house should always offer turmeric as well as Kumkum to this plant and also water is regularly. You can also offer a flute made of silver to the plant. The wood flute will work too. However, remember that offering of flute should be done by the males in the family.

Lord Krishna is the one who is responsible for providing you with a happy married life and eliminating all problems related to marriage. Therefore, offer some betel leaves or a flute to Lord Krishna.

Chanting of the mantra, ‘Om Namah Shivay’ will also benefit you a lot as this mantra is said to increase love and affection between a couple.

You should also consider lighting a Diya and keeping it the South-West corner of your house. The chanting of Lord Vishnu’s thousand names will also help you in your marriage and will lead you towards a happy married life.


With timely measures and the practice of proper remedies, you are likely to save your marriage and lead a good life with your partner.

Follow the above-mentioned steps and your marriage will tend to be successful. In order to get a better insight, you can always consider consulting a good astrologer and taking his review as well.