How Gemstones can heal a person?

Astrology can be used to know about health issues caused by the influence of some planets. Medical Astrology can predict health issues even before it occurs. So after predicting the Astrologers advise the clients to wear some gems or perform some Pujas to save them from the influence of the planets. There are many gems used for various purposes. Gems are an effective way of healing. People wear them as ornaments like rings or necklaces. From a very long time gems are considered as a tool for safety against bad influence of planets or for healing.

Gemstones have energies that can help to heal from diseases or as protection. Not only for health purposes it is used by people for educational, success, or marriage related issues as well. A gemstone is considered to have positive energies which when worn in contact with the body, transmits the positive energy from itself into the person’s body.  But it should be worn after consulting with an experienced astrologer as it can have different side effects as well. Gemstones are obtained from beneath the earth’s surface. The different minerals by which it is created gives them lots of healing powers. So, these powers are used to protect people from the effect of the influence of planets. But it doesn’t have any scientific explanation so there is no guarantee of its healing. So, it is advised to not completely rely on these gems.

Gemstones are used by people from ancient times. Kings used to wear these stones as a sign for good luck or as protection. People nowadays still wear these gems. They not only protect and heal you from diseases but it can also control anger issues. Gems have a lot of implementations. Many crystals are also used as healing because of the positive energy stored within them.

Which gemstones are used to represent planets?

There are 9 special natural gemstones that are used to represent different planets.

1.      Red Coral – This gemstone is used to represent Mars. This can be worn to heal or protect from blood-related problems.

2.      Emerald – Mercury is connected to this gem. Problems related to lungs, tissues and nervous system are protected by this gemstone. 

3.      Cat’s eye – Ketu is represented by Cats Eye. It can be used to protect from any animal or insect’s bites. It is also worn by people suffering from Cancer.

4.      Diamond – Diamond is connected to Venus. It can be used for sexual disorders and long term health problems.

5.      Hessonite – Rahu is represented by Hessonite. High fever, problems during childbirth are some health issues that can be protected by it.

6.      Yellow Sapphire –It is used to represent the planet, Jupiter. It is used for yoga, meditation or spiritual awakening. It can also protect from diseases related to bones, throat problems, etc.

7.      Blue Sapphire – It is connected by Saturn. Mental problems and problems related to bones can be solved by it.

8.      Ruby – Ruby is connected with the Sun. It is the most costly gem. It is generally worn for good health and can give you better immunity.

9.      Pearl – Moon is represented by pearl. Diseases related to water can be protected from this gem. Mental issues can also be protected and healed by it.

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