How does the planet of love Venus affects your love life?

How does the planet of love Venus affects your love life?

Venus is the planet of love. It controls all the emotions and thoughts of an individual. It is a feminine planet. It was named after a female goddess. It is associated with love, affection, romance, and emotions in your life. The signs which are ruled by the planet Venus have a very strong side to love and affection.

Not only love, but it also controls the career growth, mood, and personal life of an individual as well. But still, Venus is known as the planet of love because if Venus is your ruling planet then you will be filled with love and romance in your life.

Which signs are ruled by the planet, Venus?

Taurus and Libras are ruled by the planet Venus. Venus will influence their personality to a great extent. These two signs will always have a feminine personality in them. They will be soft, sensitive, and very caring because of the influence of Venus.

It also makes an individual calmer and patient. The effects of Venus in people’s personality is uncountable. Not only in personality, but it will also be controlling the relationship between these signs. The love life is highly influenced by Venus, the planet of love and emotions.

How Venus influence the love life of Taurus and Libras?

Venus is the ruling planet of yours that would make you very emotionally sensitive. Love and romance would be very important to you. A strong influence of Venus will also make the person beautiful and charismatic.

If you are a Taurus or a Libra, then you know how essential emotions are for you. Sometimes, emotions can influence all the decisions you will make. Thus, Venus will make you an emotionally sensitive person.

When you are in love, you will be deeply attached to the person. Venus will make you passionate, affectionate, and also very romantic. Those who are ruled by the planet Venus, are expected to be very charming and romantic. People fall in love with the way they show love.

Venus will make love an important part of your life. Thus relationships would matter a lot in your life. You will be honest and loyal and would also want your partner to always stay happy. You will also be very caring and empathetic. Very few signs know how to love like you.

But at the same time, you will also become a bit sensitive to things. Small actions might hurt a lot and would create lots of different effects on your love life. Your sensitivity to things might make you look weak. But you will not be weak, you are just emotional. Emotions would have lots of effects and would highly influence on your life.

A well placed Venus would have lots of good effects on your love life. It will make your bond with your partner stronger. Your relationship will be full of happiness. But if the Venus is placed in a bad position then it also can have lots of negative effects.

What will be the effects if Venus is in the wrong position?

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 12th houses are considered to be a good position for Venus. If Venus is being placed in any of the above positions then it will have lots of good effects on you. But if Venus is being placed on 1st, 6th, and 9th houses, then it is considered to be unfavorable.

These positions are believed to be a bad and thus wrong position of Venus will have lots of bad consequences on people’s life. It might create disturbances in your love life. You might suffer from conflicts and lots of troubles in your love life. Marriage might also become difficult. When Venus is in the incorrect position, it will highly affect the love life as Venus controls the love and affection and also the emotions.

The emotions will not be in your control. Your actions will get influenced by the emotions and sometimes you might do certain things that can result in something bad for you. But there are lots of remedies created as well to help people with the wrong position of Venus. Those remedies would be able to help you in removing all the effects of your life.