How do the Zodiac Signs Flirt?

How do the Zodiac Signs Flirt?

Look how each Zodiac Sign flirts to figure out if your crush has a crush on you!

Everybody tends to flirt once in a while. Some may be good at it, while some, not so good… But do you know that every Zodiac Sign tends to flirt a certain way? With Astrology, we can figure out how your Zodiac Sign behaves when it has a crush on somebody and how it makes you behave in situations where you see someone and you want to flirt with them! While some Zodiac Signs are the most flirtatious like Leo and Aries, some Zodiacs like to do the flirting subtly like Pisces and Virgo.

Let us take a look at all the twelve Zodiac Signs and how they tend to flirt and what their secret signs of flirtation are!


Aries is not so discreet when it comes to flirting.

Aries is pretty bold and upfront when they like somebody and profess it in front of them. They love the prey and the hunter type of situation where they will flirt with you a lot yet pretend, they are still not so much into you.


Taurus is a bit old-fashioned when it comes to flirting and would want to be your best friend first.

Taurus will take their time to see when you are alone and then proceed to flirt. They will test the waters by touching the person’s arms or shoulder to see whether they are comfortable and if they are, Taurus will sweep you off your feet by their charming and glib conversation.


It is said that Gemini has a gold medal when it comes to Flirtation Tournament.

For Gemini, flirting is all about wit. They are real smooth talkers and love to chat with anybody and everybody. Their non-judgmental and open attitude lets them mingle easily with almost everybody.


Cancer likes to ask deep, personal questions when it comes to flirting.

When it comes to flirting, Cancers will eye your head to toe, and if given a chance will ask you questions about your past, your life at present, and many intriguing questions that will make you introspect abruptly. The questions can be light-hearted but deep at the same time.


Leos love flirting! They want to be the STAR and let you be their STAR!

Leos go all cheery, enthusiastic, and bold when they like somebody. They will try to talk to you a lot, will hold your hand, and let you open up at your own pace. If you are a quiet type, Leo will flirt with you saying affectionate things and humble-bragging to make you feel good.


A Virgo is a logical soul who would not dive into flirting without thinking of the consequences.

 If a Virgo has to flirt, they would be smiling and giggling a lot with you. Their flirting involves a lot of help and service to you and flattering you with silly jokes and authentic compliments.


Libra charms the other person by being the sweetest when it comes to flirting.

Ruled by Venus, Libra you love to hold in touch with others in between talking when flirting. Your flirtation style involves a lot of talking, walking, doing things together, and taking out alone time.


Scorpios like to make strong eye contact when it comes to flirting.

They would pretend to be busy if in a crowded room with you but would observe you intently without you noticing. They flirt by knowing a lot about you but revealing very little about themselves.


Humor is Sagittarius’ Flirtation method.

Sagittarius chooses the light-hearted way when flirting. Their jokes and their sense of humor help them charm their crush easily. However, if their crush is not so responsive, Sagittarius tends to move on pretty fast.


Directness is Capricorn’s Flirtation Style.

Capricorn is the no-nonsense type and is often direct when it comes to flirting. Capricorn will never flirt with anybody they are not into. They love to ask about their crush’s future goals and intention if that is to be their flirtation style.


Aquarius have knock-knock jokes when flirting. They love unusual people who are a little eccentric like themselves. They love to ask a lot of questions while flirting and crack jokes in between when it becomes serious and salacious.


Pisces love to lure people into flirting.

For Pisces, flirting is to spend time with their favorite person and asking a lot of questions, inquiring what makes them feel nice and whatnot. Pisces love strong eye contact and coveting confidence when flirting.