How Certain Universal Aspects Predict our Life’s Forecast

How Certain Universal Aspects Predict our Life’s Forecast

Astrology is a science that is known to make divine connections of the universe with human beings. It is famous for making future predictions and delving deep into spiritual connections of the world. Have you ever wondered how astrology does this? What are the things astrologers consider? How do they make such connections between two different dimensions of the world? Let’s find out about a few of the process’s astrology uses to read a person’s life forecast!

Astrologers and astrology use many techniques to make predictions. Out of these a few popular ones are the study of transit cycles, solar arc directions, secondary progressions, and solar return charts.


Transits and Cycles

Our natal chart is like a frozen picture of the sky and space, at the very minute when we were born. Our natal charts are a constant in our lives even though the planets involved in our charts keep changing, moving, and traveling through transit cycles. However, when the planets of the universe keep moving, they form specific special relations with the celestial bodies that are part of our birth charts. These allow planets to form various transits of varying degrees. 


Outer Planets First, followed by Inner Planets

 In studying transits, it is best to study the outer or slower-moving transits and see their impact on the overall perspective of the universe as a whole. A few general rules and guidelines to follow:

If we locate the position of the house in which transiting Saturn is positioned, it will give us an outlook on how a person fares in terms of achievements in life.

An important factor to take note of is if transiting Pluto, Uranus or Neptune makes a strong influence in the n=individual’s charts Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Ascendant, or Midheaven.

Determining the transit of Saturn is also an important factor that must be studied while predicting a person’s future.

Another important aspect that has the power to predict an individual’s life forecast is the transit and aspects of Jupiter by position in houses.  


Secondary Progressions

 Astrologers apply different techniques to progress in a chart. Out of these techniques, one of the most important and well-known processes is the process of secondary progressions. Below mentioned are a few of the most important secondary progressions and what they mean.

When the Progressed Sun changes its signs- Depending on the factor of a person’s life span, the progressed Sun changes signs on an average of three times in the entire lifespan. If the period in which the Progressed sun must change signs gets delayed, the individual generally faces a very hard phase with certain obstacles. After the sun has progressed and changed signs, the person’s orientation and responses to the environment miraculously gets affected as well. The common theme this phase is associated with is replacing the old with something new. The critical aspects and characteristics of the phase before the sun changes signs are making hasty decisions and feeling frustrated and ruffled. 

The Progressed Moon or the Cycle of Maturity- The moon keeps moving from house to house in our charts and completes a full circle in about 27 to 28 years. During the period of the progressed Moon, an individual starts a new phase of their lives. This exciting phase brings new challenges, achievements, spirits, adjustments, and may not always feel too pleasant due to the constant changes and fear of taking on new challenges. The first quarter of this phase represents trying times, working towards goals, and striving towards building and growth. The Gibbous Stage is like a transition from the first quarter to a stage of refining and fine-tuning. Finally, the individual steps into the Full Moon Phase. In this phase, the fruits of one’s hard works are accomplished and stability is achieved. This then goes on to continue with the progressed waning moon phase. In this phase, the individual learns to let go of certain people and things. The next phase is the Third Quarter moon phase. In this phase the native faces certain discontent and disappointments with life and what it has to offer. This is a confusing time in one’s life but is a preparation for the final stage of the waning moon or the Balsamic phase. During this phase, old systems begin to fizz out while the individual simultaneously desires withdrawal and reflection.