How astrology in Hindu wedding works?

Weddings are truly joyous occasions that not only bring happiness to the married couple but everyone else who shares the moment with them. These events are made exclusive by many aspects, such as cultural and emotional. In this context, let’s venture south of India and explore the Kannadiga traditions of marriage and union.


How does astrology work at a wedding?

Most Kannadiga traditions and customs followed in a wedding are appreciative of the Hindu culture and background. Most of the astrologers that you will find in the scope of this management are done in the range of the subject, which is done towards the following. The word astrology has been managed with the source of the Greek words, and this is a sign which indicates the logo and the reason for the sound management in your life. And with the help of this Hindu astrology, it can help you to function for the stigma and scope out the functions which can be sourced out in your life.

Astrology or the Hindu wedding is done on the basis of the side to side management to understand how one partner is compatible with the other. This ritual, which is scoped for the same, is intent and processed, and it can help the people and those who are getting married to have a good life after all. It helps them to function in the complete sense of the world with the obligations that are set with the scope of astrology and connected with the Hindu wedding as well.


How are the astrology related to the ritual of the wedding?

Here are a few ceremonies that bring out the real rarity of emotional expression.


●       The engagement (Nischay Tamulam)

True to its name, the engagement process involves the elders of both families coming together to discuss the potential and compatibility of the alliance. The formal procedure of acceptance includes providing a plate of betel leaves and supari (betel nut from the areca tree). The groom’s family then visits the bride’s house and gives her a sari, blouse piece, and some fruits. The bride’s family returns the gesture by providing coconuts, nuts, and a dhoti. The bride and groom are then made to sit through a horoscope reading session so that they can match their compatibility and understand how flexible their marriage can be.


●       Wedding pre-jitters:

The families conduct the ‘Nandi’ puja a few days before the wedding to ensure that there aren’t any obstacles that can happen at the wedding. The ceremony includes many offerings, with an aarti and a copper pot, termed as a Kalash. It is a significant gesture to provide a cordial invitation to the Almighty as a part of the whole ritual.


●       Wedding Attire

In Indian marriages, the dresses of the bride and the groom carry a lot of meaning and connotations. The bride typically dresses in a Navari sari with bright colored glass bangles, usually green, and a variety of gold jewelry inherited from her mother’s side. Every bridegroom wears a dhoti, the angavastram, a pheta, or a turban simultaneously by holding a stick in his right hand.


●       The Importance of Rituals

The ceremony begins amongst the ‘Mandap Puja’ wherever the hall or the mandap following which this wedding is to take place. The mandap is blessed by the wedding purohit to keep the curses at bay. The ‘Var Puja’ blesses the arrival of the bridegroom, where the bride’s father worships him. The bride’s parents showcase their respect for him by washing his feet and offering a silk dhoti and pitambar.


Wedding is an excellent way to say a hard goodbye

The moving part of the ceremony follows that – the giving away of the bride or ‘Dhare Herdu.’ The bride’s father is responsible for giving away his daughter, placing their hands together in a symbolic gesture. The bride’s father then pours water into the groom’s hands to prove that she is now his to take care of.


This routine is called ‘Dhara.’ Then, corn and rice are put into the havan five times before the ‘saptapadi’ or seven pheras. For this final ceremony within the marriage, the groom’s angavastram and bride’s pallu are knotted together, and they follow each other around the fire seven times, featuring seven lifetimes of togetherness. The mangalsutra is tied around the bride’s neck, which the bridegroom holds in place while five women knot it. Respects are paid to the elders, and the newly married couple proceeds to the temple. While Kannada weddings of recent times have been borrowed from other cultures from the North or the west, the essence remains the same.


How astrology does becomes a part of the wedding?

Well, the role of an astrologer in a Hindu wedding is significant. They are the ones who will conduct all the whole ritual, and with their help, the people can understand and scope out for the best. It helps them to understand the scope in their planetary movement as well, which can align the stars for the given couples and find which one is going to suit them after the other.


These traditions, which are mentioned above, are all a part of the astrology which goes around in the Hindu wedding. This means that the bride and the groom both have to work around with the choice and the scoping of stuff, which can help them to connect with themselves and in the right way. It helps them to conduct over the source of life and in the right source, which is the mangaal or the kundli of the groom and the bride when they are drafted out. All the mentioned process which happens at the wedding take place with the help of a good and sourced out astrology. They know what to do for the entire wedding, and with their guidance, you can find yourself searching and scoping out for the best as well. They are there to do their work, and their job is to help you both have a happy life.


How does the kundli matching take place?

With the scope of the source and the intent of the plan, which manages the astrology and the marriage between the two, people are a bond that can help towards the relationship which operates in the right way. There are a lot of intents and leads which are done in the right direction and helps the bride and the groom to find compatibility between the things.


The scope of astrology is much more than you think since the kundli of the person is drawn in, and it can help to find better management, and the draft of the kundli is outlined here. It helps for the scope of the bride and the groom to have better control on every aspect that you see. 


The kundli is the main thing that can keep the bride and the groom connected over the matter, and it can help you to perform in a necessary manner. It is the way through which the bride and the groom can understand their dosh or the krutis, which can come in the marriage. During the time of the wedding or the proposal which is worked and drafted out, there are incredible scopes and functions through which it can work for you.


The kundli is the one thing that can be managed over the matter of hours, and the source of the function that the two planetary movements and the bodies which interconnect are brides and the groom is working or not. And the same thing happens with the source of the draft, which is done on the basis of the interconnection and relation of the bride and the groom on the matters of the marriage. They have to be compatible with the union to continue.


Ancient period and the role of astrology:

According to the Hindu leads in the source, it can help you to get a good marriage out of nothing, and that is astrology is preferred.


For the bride and the groom to be connected inside a circle of radiance, which can help them to relish their life and in the same way, make sure that there is a lot of scopes, then astrology is the key that works through it. 

With the source of astrology, everything is done in the right line for the marriage, and it is considered to be holy as well. The work of an astrologer in the whole wedding is to take care of the pre-function and the dharma traditions which comes and goes for the entire source.


It is the work that is conducted and the work that keeps them active. So with the source and the ideologies of astrology, it can help you to have a good life after all. If the kundli matching is done, then the work for looking for a compatible person for your life is sourced out, and you can get rid of the problems which can tend to affect your marriage here as well.


It is an excellent way to start a good life.

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