Retrogrades are the part of the journey that the planets go through, every year. Neptune is a planet belonging to the outer zone as compared to the inner zone planets namely, Mars, Venus and Mercury. Therefore, the effect would be a little soft compared to the others. Personal growth and finding yourself is the best practice to follow in this Retrograde.

Neptune Retrograde, during this year, has started from 23rd of June, 2020, and will continue till the 28th of November, 2020. The effects would be strong and are likely to have subtle effects over the emotions of an individual.

As we all know, Neptune is the Sea God and with the tides of water flows the emotions, imaginations, and psychic thoughts. They fluctuate like the waves and merges with our own being. This retrograde makes sure in the path of letting go and adapting the situation or the future that is unknown to us.

This Neptune Retrograde would show us the reality from our own created fictional world. Here are how the signs are going to deal with this Retrograde.


It will be a diplomatic period for the fire signs of the zodiac. They might be experiencing low vibes and might need to rebuild the energy that they have drained out. It is time to get disconnected from others and to connect with your own self. Practices like yoga and meditation would be very fruitful to enrich the soul and to calm it from inside. It is also advisable to note the dreams as the dream answers many questions that we are unable to derive from the physical world. It is always better to evolve from inside and to follow your own intuition. Do not listen to what others have to say in the situation. Listen to your heart and find the solution within yourself. Enhance your thought process while dealing with any situation to avoid problems in any circumstances be it in life, relationship, or career.


It will be a strengthening period for the earth signs of the zodiac. There will be a strong sense of affinity when it is about family and friends. You have a lot of perseverance, patience, and reliability within yourself. You think about making other’s life full of comfort forgetting that you have a life to live as well. Therefore, it is advisable to take a break from the worldly chaos and concentrate on what you want in your life. There should be a desire of self- love and self- compassion within. You must understand that you need to cleanse your mind, body, and soul from time to time to release the negativity or the worries that you attach to yourself while helping others. Try to focus on the creative side of yours and maintain a spiritual bond with the Higher self for peace and happiness.


It will be an honest period for the air signs of the zodiac. It is best to know what you really want from life and then be honest in deciding whether this is the situation you really want or this is an illusion or out of ego and attachment. You have been ignoring many aspects of your life and living life without any proper goal. It is advisable to understand which situation really serves the best for you and then you should stick to it. It is important to follow what others have to show or say. Even if they do not speak a word, you need to keep vivid attention to the feelings they do not speak of as well. Feelings might be both positive and negative depending on the situation. It is important to understand the meaning behind the dreams that you visualize as well because that will show you the messages you need to see or feel in this period.


It will be an intuitive period for the water signs of the zodiac. Your intuition would work at a real good pace compared to the other times. You will go through many levels of thoughtfulness and questions that are not known to you. You might also judge your own thoughts in this process. It is advisable to stay calm and accept the way you are. For that, self-love is the key to it all. You will be learning many lessons that will evolve you with the time period. You will be more emotional when it comes to working and would make sure to be indulged in it. Do not let the work or the emotions overpower you. If you are at peace with yourself, you will feel determined no matter what turmoil takes place around you. Try to avoid information or topics related to others and maintain a focus or bond with your own self. With the process of connecting to the spiritual realm, you would understand to differentiate the right and the wrong and what is really meant for you.

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