There are various different houses present in the Kundali. Here is a list of all of the twelve different houses and little information about each. It will give you a deep insight into these houses.

First House:

This is also known as the Lagna and portrays you yourself. This house will represent your physical self which might include your nature, personality, and temperament too.

This particular house will greatly affect the choices you make in your life. It will make you aware of your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

Lagna rules your head and face. It also stands for your complexion, acne, and scars. It has the energy of the sign Aries

Second House:

This is the one held responsible for all your possession. It will represent your income, the things you have inherited as well as your property and car.

This house represents the Taurus sign and can include non-materialistic things too. Second house rules tongue, teeth, eyes, mouth, nose, face bones, neck, and bones. 

Third House:

It represents the sign Gemini. Your mental health is associated with the third house. Along with this, your interests, brothers, sisters, intellect, and communication too are associated with this particular house.

Legs, hands, arms, shoulders, collar bone, lungs, and nervous system are rules by the third house. 

Fourth House:

Cancer sun sign falls under this sign. It will be the ruler of your house and will affect your foundation, land, real estate as well as the kind of relations you might have with your mother.

Since the fourth house reflects your domestic bliss, it is also known as the Bandhu Bhava. It rules the stomach, breasts, and digestive organs. 

Fifth House:

It is a rather important house and will reflect the amount of romance you have, joy, creativity, and pleasure. It is also known as Putra Bhava. Your mental intellect will also be controlled by the fifth house only.

Leo sun sign falls under this house and it rules heart, upper and middle back, stomach, spine, and pancreas. 

Sixth House:

This house will be responsible for your overall health which will include your daily wellness along with the daily life routine you might have.

All the choices that you might make related to your body and health are related to this house. It is also known as Ari Bhava and Libra reside in this house. It rules the waist, lower abdomen, kidney, small intestine, and naval. 

Seventh House:

Another name for the seventh house is Yuvati Bhava. It is responsible for predicting your partner or lover. It will also predict all the partnerships you will have in your life including business partnership too.

The seventh house rules kidneys, the lower half of back, and ovaries. It will also be responsible for love, romance, and intimacy in your life. 

Eighth House:

All the sudden events in your life will be handled by this particular house. These events can include death, lottery, or life span. On a negative side, any kind of loss will also be associated with the eighth house.

This house can be linked to mystery also. Any kind of illness, depression, or mental trauma can be predicted by this house. Pelvic bones and external sexual organs are ruled by this house. 

Ninth House:

The kind of principles with which you live your life is handled by this house. Most of your dreams and intuitions will be affected by the ninth house only. It is also known as the Dharma Bhava.

Sagittarius resides in this house. Various organs ruled by this house are bone marrow, thigh bones, thigh, arterial system, and left leg. 

Tenth House:

You job and the kind of work you will end up doing in your life will be affected by this house. It is also known as the Karma Bhava. The field of occupation you might have will be predicted by the tenth house only.

The body parts ruled by this house are knees, bones, joints, and knee caps. 

Eleventh House:

It is also known as the Labha Bhava. It will be responsible for all your profits, gains, and income. Aquarius resides in this house.

The body parts ruled by this house are right leg, ankle, left ear, shin bone, and left arm.

Twelfth House:

It is the last house. It very smoothly represents that your life cycle has ended but you have now entered a spiritual cycle. It stands for your consciousness and self-undoing.

It shouldn’t be weak in nature and the body parts ruled by it are feet, left eye and lymphatic system.