Kundali matching is one of the best ways to know whether two people belong with each other or whether two people will be compatible with each other or not. There are different houses of kundali matching and each house talks about different things. These houses cover different aspects of your life.

There are a total of 12 houses and 9 planets. Every individual has different houses and different planets, so matching two individuals is different with different houses. They determine whether two souls belong together or not. Following are some of the planets and houses related to love in kundali matching. 


By many experts, it is considered perhaps the most important house in kundali matching. It is the house where you start the next phase of your life with your partner. Houses between 1st to 6th talk about the individual life of both people. The 7th house changes all that, it talks about your marriage and partnership. This house shows the nature of the marriage and the compatibility that you two have with each other. 

The 7th house determines how your marriage life will be and what you can do to make it that much better. It talks about attraction towards each other, it does deeper than attraction as it also talks about the passion for each other. Each kind of intimacy is important, this house focuses on the physical intimacy and the understanding in the relationship. 

Understanding is an important part of love as it is necessary for a relationship and especially in a marriage. In any marriage there must be the connection between two souls, that connection should be unsaid and always there. All these things are what makes a love flourish and a marriage last. The things mentioned in the 7th house are directly connected to your happiness in a marriage or relationship, thus making it one of the most important houses in kundali matching. 


8th house of kundali matching is kind of unique in some ways as it is known as the house of sex and house of death. This house shows that sex is an important part of love as it gives a deeper level of intimacy. This house tells you that you should not be scared to share your problems, faults, and insecurities with your partner as he/she is the strength to turn them into superpowers.

It is said that love can turn your biggest weakness into your biggest strength. This house shows that it is the case when you meet the right power. The 8th house gives importance to being physical in the relationship. It states that sex makes a relationship more strong as it determines the compatibility between two people. It gives satisfaction to both people in the relationship and can be their happiness in some sense. 
It tells you that when youre with the right person it is just a whole different experience and it brings out your hidden traits. In this house, the change in your life has happened and it is also considered your rebirth in a way. This house determines the passion in the relationship as it is an important part of love. There should be excitement and electricity between both members of the relationship, this house drives into such questions. 


Moon in astrology is opposite to the sun as it has opposite features. The moon shows you about your inner self and emotions. Emotions are one of the biggest parts of love and everyone needs someone who can emotionally take care of them. The moon shows you what you really want and desire from your partner. 

Your exterior can show something else but your inner self can only show what you really want. It talks about how two people can be two bodies and one soul. The moon teaches individuals in relationships to be at peace with your emotions and how to share your emotions with your partner. 

It teaches that you should never be afraid to show your emotions in love as it is what makes love stronger. You may feel vulnerable at first but at the end of the day, you will feel more connected than ever.