It might seem very easy to pick a plant for your house. However, it can be a pretty lengthy task. There is a lot to think about apart from just bringing a particular plant home.


Different plants have different temperaments, lifespans, and care requirements. Therefore, you are advised to buy plants that will match your lifestyle.


Aquarius House Plant: Lifesaver Plant

You belong to a very unique zodiac sign. Thus, the lifesaver plants will suit your lifestyle the best and will instantly catch your attention.


You desire for a plant which can relate to a fictional novel rather than one that can fit on your windowsill.


Therefore, keeping everything in mind, this plant is one of the exotic ones and don’t require much care. The care routine will just adjust to your very carefree and free-spirited nature.


Pisces House Plant: String of Pearls

You dream a lot and, in a way, have enthusiasm in you just like a child. You are very selfless and love to take things as and when they come.


You adore taking activities which are fun as well as straightforward, hence string of pearl is a good plant for you to keep inside your homes.


This plant is very beautiful with its little buds growing almost everywhere. The best thing about the plant is that it is very low maintenance and can tolerate exposure to a good amount of light which is very common in your homes.


Aries House Plant: Cactus

You are known for being the bold one who just cannot tolerate being messed around. Thus, cactus will totally suit your personality and complement it.


This plant does not require a lot of watering and thrives almost everywhere. Cactus will just be perfect for your nature to get bored very quickly and even if you neglect it, this plant will not need much attention.


Taurus House Plant: Jade Plant

Jade plant matches your personality of being dependable, stable and of being there for everyone even when times get bad.


This plant will help you be calm as well as match any décor that you choose for your house. The leaves of this plant are believed to bring good fortune and Jade doesn’t really require a lot of care.


Gemini House Plant: Air Plant

Being an air sign, this plant is the one that will end up complementing you the most. You are very flexible and hate to be suffocated as well as tied down.


All your traits are pretty much seen in the air plant as well. This plant does not have long roots and they thrive without being planted in soil.


Air plant can be hanged around anywhere and requires a lot of space and air to breathe. The best thing is that it can be carried anywhere.


Cancer House Plant: Mimosa Pudica

You are very caring and extremely compassionate towards others. You will do anything and everything just to take care of your near and dear ones.


Therefore, Mimosa Pudica being a very sensitive plant itself is just perfect for you. When touched, this plant folds itself and is sometimes also known as ‘Touch-Me-Not Plant’.


Leo House Plant: Rex Begonia

You are of the person to catch everyone’s attention as soon as you walk into a room. You have a very bright personality. Therefore, Rex Begonia is just the perfect plant for you.


This plant has a lot of variety and colors to choose from. These plants, just like you are attention grabbers and tend to stand out when kept with other plants. Also, these plants require very little care and tend to thrive well on their own.


Virgo House Plant: Prayer Plant

you prefer to have things your way and are pretty particular about your needs. All these characteristics of yours will make you relate to the Prayer Plant.


This is a very interesting plant whose leaves fold at night as if they are praying. You too adore being alone and retreating from the world from time to time.


This plant is not very difficult to handle but just like you have a set of needs that must be followed. However, you will not find this difficult as you like sticking to a routine and are good at paying close attention to details.


Libra House Plant: Peace Lilies

You have the traits of being peaceful, flexible and you prefer beautiful things in your life. Peace Lilies are very idle for you to keep in your homes.


These are white in color and are likely to enhance the sophisticated nature of your homes. These plants are not very demanding and can easily be maintained.


You love to keep people around you happy and hence will be able to keep good care of this plant. To add to everything, these plants are known to be symbols of peace and it will complement your wish to bring harmony in your homes.


Scorpio House Plant: Venus Flytrap

You are very mysterious and like to keep to yourself only. As a result, Venus Flytrap is the perfect house plant for you.


These plants are not considered to be house plants but since you too have the tendency to snap yourself close as soon as someone comes near you, you will figure out this plant’s personality.


Sagittarius House Plant: Snake Plant

You have the tendency to make a statement. You are pretty reckless and very flexible. Hence, this plant is just the idle match for you.


This plant is very durable and tall. It adapts itself to the place where you keep them. This is the easiest plant to maintain. You are always on a go and thus, will be able to maintain this plant perfectly.


Capricorn House Plant: Juniper Bonsai Tree

This is just the plant for you because it matches your traits of being traditional, stubborn and dedicated to hard work.


It is a traditional plant which is grown in small pots but mimics the shape of a full-sized tree. However, these require a lot of maintenance and needs a lot of attention too.