We have all waited for a long, LONG time for a little fun, especially this year, and now that the year is about to come to an end before that we have a huge checklist of festivities to attend this year. We sure did devote this year to the deadly pandemic norms of social distancing and quarantine, but what’s fun without a side of drama. Speaking of drama, do you guys remember that, the deadliest event is around the corner? Of course, we’re talking about Halloween here!! There is definitely some chill in the air, but that’s not just the Autumn breeze its the Wicked vibe of the spooky Halloween season. So, grab your wands and get ready for a little spooky magic while the quirky season is here.  I’m sure that we all have had difficulty selecting our respective outfits for Halloween parties right? Not to worry, as we have the perfect solutions for you in terms of costumes and guess what? We’re going to list out the costumes according to your goofy, strong, quirky and all the other kinds of Zodiacs, so, have a look: 


This one’s a perfect and strong-willed kind of zodiac with a firm and action-loving vibe of their own, and as for their costume, they definitely deserve something bold and straightforward. They are likely to suit the costume of someone like captain marvel, as this is a super-duper cool outfit with all the passionate, powerful and strong vibes all in one.


This uptight and all gaudy zodiac is a dependable one and is always up for dress-up. So, obviously, when it comes to Halloween and costume dress up they are going to choose something extremely glamorous and up to their standards. One can spot a Taurus zodiac in a royal and all dolled up costume like that of a king or a queen, with all the accessories on point, the crown, robe and etc. 


AS for this zodiac, hallowed means having a gala time with friends and family. They are the real part people and they prefer to shine out as bright and popular in terms of costumes. One can spot these tricky people in a costume like that of a little red riding hood or like a bank robber for that matter as these outfits give them the opportunity to carry their tricks into their pockets. 


This sweet, sensual, and family-oriented kind of sign is the best one to look up to in terms of comfort. They do not believe in letting fashion in the middle of comfort and as for their Halloween attire, the option for them is someone like Ariana Grande. Ariana being cancer herself is the best option to dress up like, moreover, the best part is that they do not need any extra efforts to look cute, just like our sensitive sensation Ariana Grande. 


They are the ones who tend to thrive in social settings with their charismatic and bold nature. Likewise, when it comes to Halloween costumes Leos prefers to carry an outfit which is a head-turner and eye-catcher at the same time. Their personality and preferences perfectly match that of Daenerys Targaryen from the game of thrones or Simba the Lion King. The royalty and sass that Daenerys and Simba bring in is exactly the kind of vibe that suits Leos. 


These friendly and helpful people believe in the greater good of helping others, and according to this trait of theirs, one can easily assign them the costume of Peter Parker, Spiderman. Their zodiac is suitable for a Spiderman outfit due to their helpful and generous attitude. But as for this year, there is a possibility that Virgos might prefer not wasting time and money due to the pandemic season. 


This is the sign of scales that supports a peace-loving and balanced living all around. And as per this observation, one can easily assign them the costume of a perfectly balanced and powerful woman, The Wonder Woman. As she values justice, truth, and loyalty similar to that of Libras. 


Well, now these are the leaders and they love a good scare when it comes to goofing around with friends. Halloween their kind of season full of darkness and spookiness. So, it’s not hard to figure out that they can easily be seen in an outfit like that of Annabelle, as it will definitely give a good scare to your buddies and it also is all comfy and suitable. 


Here come the brightness and glamour personified, Sagittarius they are the ones who shine out as brighter than the north star so, they can be easily seen in an all bright costume like that of a unicorn or, they can also carry the look of Jess in the sitcom New Girl. But Unicorn dress-up suits their personalities a bit more. 


They believe in making the best out of what they have and they might end up wearing something from the closet itself. Perfection is another name and as per that, they can be seen in a historical outfit like that of William Shakespeare or the perfection queen herself, Meghan Markle. Interesting right? 


These are the secretive ones and there is the possibility that no one might understand the outfit they decide to wear, but that’s the point as they love to explain their actual thoughts and reasons. Innovation is their second name, so they can turn concepts into costumes. One can spot them in their favorite tarot card, or a costume with just a phrase on it with a deep meaning. 


Full of beauty and expressions, the Pisces zodiac is all about a beautiful and poise kind of outfit. One can spot them in an outfit like that of the Mona Lisa, the ultimate expression of perfection.