HOROZONE - The Story of The Influence of Horoscopes on Humans

The prediction of the future always holds a high position in the preferential order of humans, who tend to believe less in their selves and more in the words of a named astrologer. Though some strike off these as general notions that may or may not influence the happenings of one’s life, a smaller section also exists, which makes every move only when it is claimed appropriate according to astrology. This little section is always prone to more considerable influence of the astrological events and, at more significant times results in poor performance in their fields of expertise or their emotional life, which sometimes may result in doubting or questioning the loyalty of partners too. The influential nature of stars, zodiac signs and horoscopes cannot be completely ruled out but at the same time, giving it a higher position over one’s self is never the right way.


Influence of Horoscopes and Humans

The day, to some, begins with a dose of strong coffee while to others, it starts with reading the predictions made by someone acclaimed as the great astrologer. While positive influences boost one’s productivity levels, creating a happier environment around the person, negative impacts stoop their self-confidence to a scarily low level, resulting in either career weakening or absence of harmony in personal life. Whoever the person is, whether a career-focused Capricorn or strong-hearted Taurus, the perfectionist Virgo or the twin minded Gemini, everyone is prey to predictions. Horoscopes do not influence thinking alone; it affects perspective too on a higher level. People who see negativity in their horoscope for an extended time develop low self-esteem that immediately creates self-doubt. These harm one’s growth on emotional levels, which in unwanted ways, destroys human relations or the person’s take on them. A positive horoscope for a longer duration is a double-faced knife, which, on the one hand, creates an extraordinarily competent and progressive individual, and another side might result in over-confidence and pride. It ends up creating productivity and destroying other’s peace at the same time.


The Relevance of Horoscopes to Human Nature

A large number of people relate themselves to the zodiac sign nature, thus developing a belief in horoscopes. Similar to teenagers predicting their compatibility with their crush in a game of chance, online love predictors have become a common sight. Though they deliver irrelevant and widely varying results, people’s trust in them has not faded. While this sometimes is a fun game, sometimes it takes a severe turn when sensitive people, especially of the younger generation, succumb to its negative results. Positive results, too, sometimes end in unexpectedly wrong ways that may lead to extreme decisions and occasionally mental illnesses such as depression. While there might be other causes for these, horoscopes to share a significant part. Studies across the world have successfully proved the influencing nature of these on the people, mainly in the creative fields, who tend to lose their innovative edge or do not explore it because the horoscope predicted a decline in their career graph. Such instances are funny when referred to, but, the lives of the people, who have faced its significant impacts are nonetheless scary.


Prevention of the side effects


The eagerness to know one’s future can never be deemed as wrong, but restricting life to predictions and negativities is wrong. It should be clearly understood that someone who can predict the future of someone else based on their birth details, must be able to predict their future and have a better take on their life. This, to some, might seem like an outright dismissal of horoscopes and astrologers, but, it might help someone who lost their trust in love or someone who believed that their career had to drown, believe that they are no less than any other person and can pursue their dreams just like the others. Astrology may give tangible results and may make one decide their right partner, but one should never forget that a person is defined by their deeds and not by the impression created in someone’s head because the zodiac described them so. Practicality must always hold a higher place compared to illegitimate beliefs.