Astrology is the study of the movements and positions of celestial bodies. These movements of the sacred bodies of space will leave a profound impact on human lives on earth. This so-called pseudoscience, astrology, has been gone through various advancements. Now let us work on the subparts of Astrology.

Coming to the subpart of astrology, we have nine subgroups under the main subject called Astrology.

They are:

● Medical Astrology or Astropathalogy

● Astray meteorology

● Mundane Astrology or Judicial Astrology

● Natal Astrology

● Horary Astrology

● Election Astrology

● Kabbalah Astrology

● Kerala Astrology

● Omens

Now let us learn about one of the most ancient branches under the so-called tree Astrology, which is named as Horary Astrology.



Horary Astrology is deemed as the most ancient branch of the Indian Vedic Astrology. The Horary Astrology ultimately deals with answering the questions that are asked by the customer when he approaches an astrologer. Usually, the astrologers construct a horoscope considering the precise time at which the question is asked to him by the individual. Therefore using the time and the constructed horoscope, after the clear interpretation done by the astrologer, then he advises the individual with a necessary answer that is to be given for the so-called issue. In general, the questions or problems, whatever inquired in front of the astrologer might be very simple or sometimes challenging to think upon. However, even such crises can be solved with the predictions given using the Horary Astrology. Thus, using this older branch of astrology and can quickly come to know about various things like what is the motive of the questioner for imploring such a question, the intentions of other people who voluntarily involved in something, etc. 



Coming to the Horary Astrology, this primordial branch has a strict system that has included various principles in it. However, these principles are widely appreciated and accepted by everyone all over the world. Indeed a significant response is found in the world when the Horary Astrology is taken into consideration. Many countries, apart from Mother Indian have started following and using the several aspects that are mentioned in the Horary astrology for their wide range of calculations in their day to day lives. 

As mentioned in the above context, the Horary Astrology has incorporated a rigorous system in its implementation. Here one can find the fact that the prime importance is given to the positions or numerous aspects that are concerned to the planet, the Moon, who is typically addressed as the Queen of the solar system. The specialist in this Horary Astrology speaks out that the person whoever asks the questions is characterized by the governor of the sign-in which the first house cusp falls on the chart or so-called horoscope. When the Horary Astrology is compared to all other branches of astrology like medical astrology, mundane astrology, natal astrology, Kerala astrology, Kabbalah astrology, omens, Astro Meteorology, etc. then one of the significant differences that are found in case of Horary Astrology is here significant preference is given to the planetary aspects. Some of the elements that are widely used in this horary Astrology are lunar nodes along with some of the fixed positions of stars or any Arabic parts.



The scholars in the field of Horary Astrology interprets the fundamental concept behind this honorary astrology. They say that planetary dignity and reception are the two main concepts that are widely considered while working on the rotary astrology. However, the dignity is achieved from the two forms that are quoted as essential and accidental. Essential is commonly elaborated as the fact which special deals with the quality of the planet at a specific level of the zodiac. When essential is assessed, then that can also reveal the information regarding the true or functional nature of the individual. 

On the other hand, if the word reception is taken into a reference for its better understanding one can easily interpret it as the process of evaluating each planet about how does it receive or view other planets when an honorary horoscope is considered. The result may be favorable or unfavorable, or it can also swing in between somewhere else the two outcomes. Also, we can find the concept of mutual reception where each of the planets is in the sign of other planets rules that are under the governance of other planets. 

This branch of science deals with all the mysterious facts related to the world. This branch has all the aesthetic principles included in it. After knowing the principles involved in this branch, one can correct and clear the predictions and thus precise them. Therefore the astrologer can use the other methods, thus justify the predictions with proper explanations.

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