Holi’s significance to remove bad effects of Black Magic

Holi’s significance to remove bad effects of Black Magic

The festival of colors is around the corner who would not be excited to celebrate. Colors build fun, excitement, and positive energy in our surroundings as most of people gather to celebrate Holi.

Holi is a festival of people that represents harmony, tolerance, and brotherhood towards their fellow beings. On this eve people from all age groups enjoy not only with food but also with water and smearing colors on each other.

While a lot of them are busy with preparations of the festival many times it happens that some of you are surrounded by troubles and all your efforts to sort things go in vain. One feels terrible when none of the plans work and can you guess why this happens?

Yes, there are negative energies around us which could be the cause of your limitation, sorrow or helplessness. In this blogs, you will know the significance of Holi that plays a vital role in removing the effects of negative energies like black magic.

Before we get into the Holi concept for black magic, let us know what are the evil effects which cause harm to any person.

Evil effect – Black Magic

One cannot always please everybody around and hence tend to create enemies. Hence with their negative vibe, they either release the energy which is not at all good or performs some tantras for ruin the prosperity of others.

Do you agree? To an extent one would, because at some point all of you might have experienced it. One may call it a myth or may not believe it, but there are negative energies flowing as there is positive energy.

Black magic has now been practiced for centuries around the world in which a spell is cast to destroy a person, cause unhappiness or bring dissatisfaction.  These are the dark forces that exist around us causing havoc in career, wealth, family, health, etc. you name it and it is destroyed.

Having said that, if you have been experiencing a tough time, the Holi festival is the auspicious day to remove the problems from your life.


We at Trusted Teller will create a shield to protect you from the negative and bad effects of black magic. Now, this shield (pendant) requires a process and method to complete as well as make ready to use for you. Following is the process to activate and power up the pendant with positive energies:

The night of Holi, we sit in a quiet place, take the copperplate having yantra inscription on it and put it on a piece of black cloth. Then we will recite and chant the below-mentioned mantra using 11 Turmeric or Haldi Mala (garland) in order to activate the pendant.


ऊँ ह्री ह्रीं क्लिंम

Post the completion of this process and sadhana, we will put the activated pendant in a black thread that can be worn as a locket around your neck. If you are at the receiving end of the black magic activity then this through this positively charged mantra Raksha kavach one can get rid of the obstacles, pain caused due to the black magic; whether in-home or at work, etc.


Removal of bad effects by Holi Puja

There are numerous remedies out there to reduce or to get rid of the effect of black magic. But Holi is one of the festivals which eradicates many of the problems starting from writing exams to getting employment to removing obstacles to get success in your activities to marriage.

Why Holi have that power? Well, there is a short story to be known which will enable you to understand why Holi has got the significance of removing the evil or bad effects.

The story is of a legend in mythology, where a king Hiranyakshyap who considered himself as God himself wanted everybody to worship him and to his surprise, his own son started to worship Lord Vishnu. Where the king asks his sister Holika to take his son into the fire, while his sister had the boon to come out of the fire without a scratch. But due to the child’s devotion, he was saved and the Holika was burnt, in this context, it is the evil being assassinated Holi has a powerful significance to protect its devotees. It is said one who is completely devoted is embraced and in the safe hands of God.

Under a similar tradition, Holi is considered to have powerful forces to evoke energies which are harmful as well as useful. In this context one can use the power in a tantric way or get a person saved because of these powers.

Holi festival has not only mythological significance but also cultural, social and biological significance which represents the sacredness of the festival. In short, it is the victory over the evil transforming everyone’s life with a positive effect.

Hence the birth of puja before the Holi which is known as “Holika Dahan” that enables the well-being of people all over who devotee themselves.

By performing Holi puja there are benefits which are showered on you:

  1. Difficulties are eliminated
  2. Negative and envious vibes are nullified
  3. Helps you in prosper in every field you choose
  4. Mental and physical well being
  5. Career or job are accentuated
  6. Protection from unnatural death
  7. Removes obstacles
  8. Relief from black magic

These are some advantages and after all, it is a festival of happiness and sharing smiles all over.


Now that you know Holi’s significance, and the power it holds for the day one can always devotee themselves into the puja to get rid of the bad effects of black magic or even to that case any kind of evil effects.

Holi is all about good over bad, harmony over agony, and happiness over sorrow. This Holi spread the colors of a positive vibe and get along with all the people in peace.