Aquarius zodiac sign is recognized as “The Great One” (GU.LA) in the clutches of Babylon’s catalogues of stars. It plays a very crucial role in the story of Babylon. Aquarius is a symbol of God himself (EA). This God has been popularly portrayed as someone who holds a vase which overflows. The cutting edge star-figure, ‘Babylonian’ graces it’s presence on the stones of entitlement stones as well as cylinder seals tracing from the 2nd millennium. It is a known fact that during the initial Bronze Age it once confined the winter solstice. And during the ancient astronomy of Babylon, EA reigned (Way of EA), the path of the sun’s sector in the South.


The zodiac sign Aquarius was associated with disparaging floods. These disastrous openings were encountered by the Babylonians every day. Their experiences with the Aquarius sign were largely negative.  During the times of astronomy in the ancient Egypt, the water-bearer sign Aquarius had its immense association with the flood of Nile which occurred annually. These river banks flooded when the Aquarius placed his jar into the flowing river, just when the spring began.


Greek traditions have lot of symbolism related to an Aquarius. The constellation of Aquarius came as a symbol of a mere vase from where a long stream drizzled straight into Piscis Austrinus. Whereas, in the Hindu world of zodiacs, these initials are inferred as Kumbha, which means water pitcher in English language.  It is needless to say that it is actually not water and is a light which gets carried away – Spirit of Regeneration or Food items (Ambrosa) of Gods.

Hinting to the world of Greek mythology, Deucalion has been associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius. The Deucalion is known as Prometheus’s son who constructed a beautiful ship in order to endure impending floods, alongside Pyrrha, whose status was of his wife. Both of them meandered through for 9 days before getting washed out on the Mount Parnassus. The zodiac sign Aquarius has been recognized with attractive Ganymede who is a young youth as well as the Trojan King Tros’s son in the world of Greek mythology. They both were booked by Zeus to the Mount Olympus so that they could carry cups to the great Gods. Aquila who symbolizes the stirring eagle immediately grabbed and snatched the young boy under the command of Zeus.


There are multiple versions related to this myth indicating the eagle which snatched the young boy was indeed a Zeus who graced his transformation into a bold eagle. There is an alternative side to this saga narrates Ganymede who was kidnapped by these giant Goddess of Dawn (named as the EOS). She was motivated by the immense liking towards young men. There is another figure that allies with Aquarius “Cecrops I”. He was a King of Athens who indulged in a mere sacrifice; he was the one who was known to sacrifice water to the Gods as opposed to the wine.

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