If a person is born between the dates February 20 and March 20 then they belong to the water element zodiac Pisces. This zodiac is ruled by the planet Neptune and considered to be the last zodiac sign in the list of the zodiac signs. This results in them having traits from all the zodiac signs and their own personal quirks as well. Like the other water element zodiacs, Pisces to tend to be very sensitive, emotional, compassionate, giving and kind. All these beautiful traits will be provided only if they will be able to get out of the wonderland that they always stay in. Due to their dream in nature, they tend to be very creative, intuitive, selfless and empathetic. They have a different outlook on anything and everything. Here the 7 Pisces traits you need to know:


The first very important trait among the 7 Pisces traits that you need to know is that they are very compassionate. They tend to understand what the opposite person is feeling really well. They know how to sympathize with the person. They just get the feeling that you are happy or sad without you having to tell them. But as much as they are kind and compassionate towards others, they too in return expect the same gestures for themselves.

Imaginative and Artistic:

Pisces are very creative and it is a gift that they are born with. Due to this nature, they appreciate and admire everything around them and give everything value be it a living thing or an inanimate. They have their own ideas and way of going about it. They contribute some really out of the box ideas which are extremely artistic and abstract. This nature and talent can bring great success to them.


Another important trait among the 7 Pisces traits you need to know is them being intuitive. Just like the other water element zodiacs they do not need straight forward reasoning in order to make decisions but rather they depend on their intuition. Daycare less about second facts and figures in order to make a decision and depend completely upon their intuitive nature. Be it helpful or not they will follow it anyhow because they do not believe in fact-checking and thus go by their gut feelings.


They are very emotional just like Cancerians and Scorpios. All these water element zodiac signs are known to be the most emotional and sensitive zodiacs in the entire zodiac list. This trait is an inborn gift for Pisces. Due to this most of the time, they tend to go through heartbreaking and sad faces in their life for being too empathetic towards others. They tend to take things very strongly to heart, be it painful or happy moments.


A positive outlook from their side is very rare. This is so because if they face even one setback or failure in their work, they lose the zeal to work and enthusiasm and believe that it won't be the way they expected it would. They tend to find difficulties in completing their work. This is because even if one thing does not go the way they planned, they will stop all of it at once. Once this happens, for them to find the motivation to complete the work is a tedious process.


Most of the time Pisces are living in their Dreamland. There are very few times when they are realistic. They seem to be very idealistic about all walks of life. They fear to stand in the face of problems and instead find escaping such situations to be the easy way out. No matter what the situation, is they are unable to solve it they will make sure to have things they can put the blame on without hesitation.


Pisces tend to stay in their dreamland because they are lazy to accept reality and face it. If they begin something and in the midway, they tend to lose interest to complete that task due to their laziness they will find no way to get back on track. For them to keep going on with their work it has to be interesting and something that keeps intriguing them else their laziness will take the best of them.