Here Comes the List Of The Year 2021's Most Anticipated Astrological Events

Here Comes the List Of The Year 2021's Most Anticipated Astrological Events

 The last year was not so great for some people and it worked splendidly for some. Now we have officially entered this year and all we can wonder about, what this year has in store for us. The first year of this new decade will start with unstable energy released from 2020 full moon eclipse which took place in November.

 The Sagittarius season was in its full might in 2020 bringing a good time for this zodiac. The last December also had a highly anticipated event, the event of the decade as some say- The great conjunction in Aquarius. All zodiacs felt a shift in their course with their energies coursed by Aquarius.


Let’s take a closer look at major shifts in the cosmic calendar of 2021-


The retreat of Mercury 

 This planet will be all over the air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, and libra). Mercury retrogrades or the retreat of mercury is an effect that we see from earth, that shows the position of mercury moving backwards. This means that you can feel lazy at times, feel weary and tired or be chaotic. It could also make you feel anxious, battered, restless, and unfocused. This time will be the one to change your perspective of the world and also how you see yourself. 

 This time is not considered optimum to start a new project or sign contracts and important documents. 


Aquarius brings the first mercury retrograde

 The first mercury retrograde will happen for the zodiac sign Aquarius showed by a water bearer and it will start from the winters of January 30th course itself to the month of love February and end on February 21st. This retrograde means that all the friendships and relationships are at a risk for this time frame, Misunderstandings and miscommunication will be prevalent in all signs.


Gemini brings the second mercury retrograde

 The second Mercury retrograde will happen in the zodiac sign Gemini, as depicted by the constellation of Twin. The time frame for the second retrograde will be from the Summers of May 29th and this will end with the summer season. The last date for the Mercury retrograde will be in the rain of June 22nd. Mercury is the ruling sign of Gemini so this retrograde will be more intense than others. This retrograde could mean a bad omen for the married people. The love life could be in jeopardy.


Libra brings the Third mercury retrograde

 The third mercury retrograde will be bought in the time of Libra, as shown by the star sign scales. The third retrograde will start from the 27th day of September and will go on for nearly a month till October 23rd. This could mean a bumpy ride for the people of this sign.

The effect of this retrograde will be seen in financial matters. 

The dark side of the Moon- Eclipses in 2021

 This year has two lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses in store for you. The effects of these could be different for different people. 


The first eclipse that we will encounter is the shying away of the moon. The first lunar eclipse will be on May 26th in 4 degrees Sagittarius. This eclipse will bring a shift in your thinking and you may find yourself introspecting your thoughts and actions near this eclipse.    

 The second eclipse of 2021 will be a solar eclipse in Gemini at 19 degrees. This eclipse will be on June 10th. This solar eclipse will bring some good news, but with lots of struggles. You need to work more and harder to get what you deserve.

 The third ellipse of 2021 is lunar in Taurus at 27 degrees on November 19th This eclipse could be an emotional time for the bulls. Like the different phases of the moon, the Taurus will have different emotions at a different time and this will affect their friendships. 

 The last eclipse of this year is a solar eclipse in Sagittarius in the last month of the year on December 4th at degrees. This could mean that there will be an elevation in the knowledge grasped by this zodiac. 


The year 2021 started while people focused on shedding their negative thoughts and tried to embrace the positive aura. The cosmic alignment will be shifting from one phase to the next in a noteworthy manner. So, watch out how the planetary alignments and stars at night will affect your days to come.