Here Are 10 Reasons Why Dating a Scorpio Is the Best Thing Ever

Here Are 10 Reasons Why Dating a Scorpio Is the Best Thing Ever
Scorpios have a tremendous passion about them, which goes some way to explaining why they may be loved one minute and detested the very next. There's a lot to learn about them, mainly if you're dating or already in love with one. Here are a few of their unique characteristics.

1. Their ferocity is unrivaled.

Dating a Scorpio

Scorpios have no middle ground; they live amid incredible highs and depressive moods. It's no shock, then, that when a Scorpio falls for someone, they truly fall hard for them.  Scorpios are extremely self-sufficient, and they don't need assistance to prosper. When they want anything, they will go to any heights to achieve it, and when they have it, they will preserve it with everything they have, making them a devoted, brave, and dependable partner.

2. They have no fear

Dating a Scorpio (1) The word "quit" has no meaning for Scorpios. In reality, they don't even know what the word means. They are unafraid of loss or heartbreak and are accustomed to jumping into challenging circumstances head first.  Scorpios are entirely intelligent enough to learn how to overcome misfortune without the aid of others. When they're in a partnership, they like going through tough times together because they think it makes them better and tighter. No matter how uncomfortable things appear, they will not give up or flee at first sight of adversity.

3. They don't accept anything less than what they expect

Dating a Scorpio (2) Scorpios dislike short-term relationships with no apparent end in sight, so matchmaking is not something they forgive or forget.  Scorpios are both self-aware and careful of their hearts. They've gone through a lot of personal pain and have grown as a result, so they're not going to give it all up for somebody who doesn't value them.

4. They have a strong sense of intuition

Dating a Scorpio (3) Scorpios have a keen feeling of intuition and can catch up on details that others miss.  Scorpios are exceptional mediators in relationships and often know what you're thought before you say something. They want you to be as emotionally aware as they are, so they prefer communicating things over with you and reassuring you so that you both have an enormous weight taken off your shoulder afterward.

5. They speak precisely what they mean

Dating a Scorpio (4) Scorpios are sensitive and can empathize with other people's underlying motivations; thus, they rarely hide things from their mates. They are cautious by nature since it takes them a long time to open up to you, but when they do, they are by far the most genuine people you would ever encounter. 

6. They are devoted to one other

Dating a Scorpio (5) It takes a Scorpio a considerable time to be in love, but when they do, you have their love for the rest of your life. Nothing will entice them to abandon you, and nothing will urge them to join you.

7. They prioritize others

Dating a Scorpio (6) Scorpios become the best counselors, companions, and comrades when they learn to manage their powerful emotions.  They are very sensitive and have a broad spectrum of emotions; therefore, they are no strangers to coping with other people's ferocity, even if that individual doesn't know how to cope with it. When they notice people in distress, Scorpios are the first to provide a helping hand, especially when that person is in a very tragic situation.

8. They have a lot of sexual energy

Dating a Scorpio (7) Scorpios are highly sexual creatures who treat their sexuality significantly for the rest of their lives. They like to keep to one person in the bedroom, but once they have someone with whom to explore, they are dedicated, brave, and enthusiastic. They are inherently sexual beings who bring sexual energy with them everywhere they go.

9. They are zealous

Dating a Scorpio (8) Scorpios are ardent lovers who also put their heart and soul into all they do. Scorpios flourish when they pursue their true passions and talents because they are highly driven. They are readily enthralled by fresh experiences, resulting in inquiring, assertive, and decisive dispositions. If you're dating a Scorpio, you better be open to different and exciting experiences because they'll inspire you just by being next to them.

10. They are watchful of the people they care about

Dating a Scorpio (9) Because the final thing a Scorpio wants is to alienate someone they care about, they go into full-on defense mode if their relationship is endangered. They wouldn't want anything to get in the way of their relationship and are pretty protective, as they seldom meet people with whom they have an intimate attachment.  Scorpios are protective not because they are insecure but because they believe they are with the person they love. Scorpios are warm, caring, and exceedingly close if they sense they "connect" with another human being.