Nature is connected to us no matter what we do. Our lives often surround around greens. And each zodiac sign has its own suitable herbs and plants. The elements and properties which are imbibed into these herbs aid in healing, balancing as well as growing of an overall individual. We reveal to you herbs and plants that you must either consume or surround your atmosphere with



Since zodiac sign Aries is symbolized by fire and reined by benefic planet Mars, plants which are collaborative with Aries features certain pricks as well as thorns. They are full of bitter flavour while these herbs are red and super spicy. Aries empowers face and the head, the suitable plants and herbs made for Aries are those which help in purification of blood, work in adrenal glands stimulation and boast in iron, meant to reined by planet Mars. Aries suites Beet root, red clover, milk thistle, ginger and coriander.


Planet love that symbolizes immense beauty and desirability reign zodiac sign Taurus. Their best suited plants and herbs ooze out blossomy fragrances. Since, Taurus is meant to empower ears and neck. Plants and herbs which calm this zodiac sign must be consumed in order to keep throat and ear issues at bay. Go for Fenugreek, lavender, thyme, slippery elm to give a shot of freshness.


Gemini sign is ruled by none other than planet Mercury. Gemini is said to empower lungs, arms, and shoulders because it symbolizes air. Gemini must select herbs and plants that feature stems and are divided by thin leaves. These facets found aid in any issues hung around the respiratory system, thus calming the nervous structure. Herbs and plants best suited for Gemini zodiac are lavender, yarrow, dill, fennel, hyssop, fenugreek, skull-cap.


Moon star rules the zodiac sign Cancer. The herbs and plants under this stature generally packed with soft while the leaves remain moon-shaped, contain moisture, and breed nearby water. They are often white in colour and tend to possess plain white as well as pale yellow colour. Cancer empowers the internal system, so the plants and herbs aid in matters of digestion while impacting the subconscious levels. Herbs and plants meant to help a Cancerian are spearmint, parsley, peppermint as well as lemon balm.


Leo, the lioness of all is reined by star sun. Leo empowers the heart. The plants as well as herbs that are suitable for a Leo is tangy and golden in colour. The shape which oozes out heart cut as well as shapes those are immensely radiating. Herbs and plants that balance the blood pressure while elevating impact on the spirit of the heart help the Leo born. Mint, lavender, fennel, saffron, ginger, chamomile, rosemary and celandine are suitable for a Leo.


Virgo sign is one of most nature eccentric signs amongst all the zodiac signs, hence, Virgo are reined by the planet Mercury.  This zodiac sign is essentially known to be the queen-B of the grain. Virgo takes its association with autumn quite seriously. Plants and herbs must be born with either stems or ooze leaves which are divided delicately. They are known to have a subtle odour and are super tiny with vivid colours glaring out of it. If you want to keep yourself alive and kicking, select herbs and plants that boast in terms of potassium while easily soothe your nerves. Pick a penny into fenugreek, lavender, skullcap, blackberry, fennel as well as bright roots and leaves.


Air bearer sign Libra calls for immense affection and detail breeding into beauty. Libra remains attracted towards the light, delicate and tantalizing scents.  Herbs and plants that dwell into knots of balance in the parts of your body are good-to-go. Invest in parsley, mint, thyme, corn silk! 


Water-bearer zodiac sign Scorpio is reined none other than Mars. Plants and herbs that breed underground oozing out thorns, grace deep reds and swell into much adversity. Plants and herbs that would work towards hormones and other lady-like things benefit a Scorpio. Herbs and plants like ginger, aloe vera, basil, coriander and wormwood are the most suitable edible items for Scorpions.


Herbs and plants that empower a Sagittarius’ liver as well as supports great mental health, such as mint, anise, sage, wild yam, nutmeg, dandelion are the perfect fit for a Sagittarius born folks.


Capricorns don’t attract flowers easily and tend to ooze not to nice odorous aroma. The goat empowering sign is ruled by Saturn and hence, herbs and plants like thyme, rue, horsetail, comfrey must be consumed for a healthy living.