You have absolutely no idea how this happened, and yet somehow here you are. You had a blooming love life with your partner and now it has become boring and cliché or there are constant fights and arguments, and your friends advise you saying the honeymoon phase just got over for you guys and this is what every couple’s married life looks like. But in your heart, you know that it is not true, at least not for your partner and you, and you have no idea how to salvage it. You want it to be just as it was before, and no matter what you do, it does not help, does it?

Vedic astrology may help you regain your lost love and the energy in your love life and between your partner and you. How? Simple. The fifth house of your Janam Kundali analyses your love life and the position of the lord of the fifth house plays a very important role in your love life. Your partner may have the planet Mercury in the fifth house of his/her Janam Kundali if your partner keeps fighting with you over trivial matters, is not at all serious in your relationship and is always careless and thoughtless when it comes to you. During the Dasa period, the maleficent may cause you to struggle in the relationship between your partner and you, and you may also end up having a long-distance relationship with your partner. The co-existence of the planet Mars, the Rahu, and the Moon in the fifth house of the janam kundali of your partner or yours may result in where your partner or you not having the mentality of committing yourselves in this relationship. If the Lord of the fifth house is not convivial with the Lord of the seventh house, then there will be complications in your life life.

In order to correct these, there are various solutions and remedies provided by Vedic Astrology. A few of them are:

Chanting and repeating the Vedic mantras will provide you and your partner peace of mind and will also help you understand the situation and the problems that occur with your partner and will help you have you salvage your relationship back.

By performing the Rudra Abhishek in the Lord Shiva’s temple is long with honey will help as well. Not only that invest in a Gauri Shanker Rudraksha, as there are always positive outcomes when you wear one.

On a full moon night, your partner and you should meet as it strengths your relationship and not only that, your partner or you (depending on who is the female) should also fast and maintain Vrats on Solah Somvars or rather, well known as sixteen Mondays as it not only strengths your relationship, if you are not married, it also may provide you with a husband of your desire.

Never, ever gift your partner anything in black or something pointed, as it is believed that the color black is inauspicious and the pointed objects may have an inverse effect on your relationship with your partner and due to this everything could go downhill. Apart from that, if you really want to attract your partner towards you, wear jewelry made of opal or diamonds or any stones that look similar to diamonds as it is believed that diamonds have a positive effect on your love life.

This remedy may sound outrageous to you but it has worked wonders. Obtain a Betel leaf and write the name of your partner on the leaf. The leaf is also commonly known as the Paan leaf. Once you finish writing the name, dip it in a jar full of honey as it is believed that it brings you closer to your partner or whose ever name you have written. Also, you can also light a diya in the name of your partner and position it in the south west corner of your house.

In the presence of Lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi, chant the “Om Lakshminarayana Namaha” for three months and should be chanted along with a rosary of one hundred and eight beads made of crystal.