Healthy diet based on your Zodiac Signs

Healthy diet based on your Zodiac Signs

As said by Roger Williams “health requires healthy food”. Health and Food are two terms which are inseparable. If we keep good food in our fridge, we will eventually eat good food. Without good eating habits we will not be able to attain a healthy body. The right amount of nutrients and minerals are required for a balanced diet. Out of so many things to eat and so many options available in the market it becomes difficult to choose the right diet for you.

Whether you believe or not zodiac signs influence your health to a certain extent. We are so excited to see that page of the newspaper where the horoscope for the week is mentioned and then we start relating it with the happenings in real life. How about if we give you an insight into what foods to eat and avoid according to your zodiac sign which will keep you in the pink of your health and will keep you away from health problems and eventually going to a doctor. So, let’s get into it quickly.



Aries is the sign related to head and brain. So, ailments related to headache, brain haemorrhage and related disorders can take place. It is a sign of challenge and impatience. Foods like cauliflower, nuts, cabbage, onion, watermelon, tomatoes, zucchini and dairy products should be added in the diet. Drinking plenty of water is the key. Avoid foods containing excessive salt and refrain from alcohol consumption.



Taurus is the sign related with throat, neck and ears. People generally suffer from teeth problems and catch cold and flu easily. They are sceptical to weather changes. Foods rich in sodium sulphate like green sprouts, cucumber, radish, nuts, raisins, pomegranate should be included. Herbal tea should be taken. Protein-rich food like eggs, olives and oatmeal should be taken. Avoid baked foods and sugar.



This sign regulates the speech, smell and the lungs. It is more often sceptical to flu and cold. Strain injuries are also associated with them. Foods are rich in potassium chloride like cabbage, broccoli, plums, rice, red beans. Grapefruit, walnuts, lemons should be taken for better functioning of the nervous system. Avoid caffeine and food high in calories.



This a sign is related with problems related to skin. These are weight gainers and also suffer from acid reflux. Food rich in calcium fluoride like eggs, beetroot, yoghurt, dairy products, green salad and fresh fruits should be included in the diet. Avoid food which is spicy and starch-rich.



This sign relates to the heart and the blood. Problems like heart beat fluctuations, high blood pressure and uneven blood flow can occur. Food rich in magnesium phosphate like whole-grain foods, olive and figs, citrus, apples, coconut. Iron-rich food like grapes, blackberries, apricots etc can be included. Avoid fat food and food having gluten.



This is related to food intake and related intestines. It might cause stomach ache, food allergies etc. foods rich in potassium sulphate like veggies of green colour, wheat, nuts, citruses. Corn, yoghurt, chamomile tea to improve food irregularities. Fruits like mangoes, bananas can be taken. Avoid spicy food and cut on sugar.



This is the sign is associated with the kidneys, bladder and digestion problems. Problems like constipation and diarrhoea can be caused. Foods are rich in sodium phosphate like grapes, nuts, sprouts, beetroot, berries, seasonal fruits, drinking plenty of water. Libra requires a balanced diet which should include good sleep, proper food and positive atmosphere.



This sign is related to genitals and hormonal issues. Venereal and urine related diseases can be caused. Foods are are rich in calcium sulphates like avocado, tomatoes, cabbage, coconuts, zucchini, onion, blueberries, cauliflower, milk and yoghurt. Fresh fruit juice, green veggies and organic food to be included in the diet. Avoid alcohol consumption and salty foods.



It relates to the problems related to eyes, hips and thighs. It can lead to impaired vision and Socratic nerve. Foods rich in silica like granola and cereals, dairy products and steamed veggies, clean and pure water intake, potato, nuts, cabbage, radish, eggs etc should be included. Avoid junk food and hot sauces.



It relates to the bones of the body. It can cause spinal issues and crackling of the muscles. A diet rich in calcium and vitamins is a must. Foods were rich in calcium phosphate like spinach, celery, carrot, wheat, corn, potato. Dairy products like milk, cottage cheese, oats should be included in the diet. Avoid refined sugar and chocolate.



It is related to the arms and legs of the body. It might lead to impaired movement. Food rich in sodium chloride like radish, parsley, lettuce, apricots, peppers, strawberries, low-fat cheese should be added in the diet. Avoid junk food and limit the intake of caffeine.



It relates with the nervous system and related problems. Sometimes erratic behaviour and body spams can be seen.  The problem of anaemia also can occur. Foods like a lamb, berries, grapes, peaches, seafood, lime, plum should be included in the diet. Avoid salty rich food and consumption of alcohol.


Healthy diet is necessary for everyone and everyone wants a disease-free, refreshing and glowing skin and body. The secret to glowing skin and fit body is eating healthy food. It is time to change your eating habits and adding such healthy eating food dietary habits into your daily routine and wait for the positive results. So, the next time you go grocery shopping you know what you have to pick for yourself so that you can stay healthy and active. Remember one has to be consistent with the routine. Results will not be seen in a day or two and apart from this if any of the food items listed is not liked by you or doesn’t suit you can always go for alternatives. It is true eating healthy will do wonders in your life, the solution to all your problems related to glowing skin, health problems, stress is eating healthy and drinking lots and lots of water. Along with eating healthy detox of your body is a must. Till then eat healthy, stay healthy.