Health Positive - Covid Negative: A Guide to Keep Healthy in Trying Times

Health Positive - Covid Negative: A Guide to Keep Healthy in Trying Times

As the world slowly shut down and an unseen virus started dominating every nook and corner of the streets, people were forced to stay inside. Work from home became the new normal as everyone took on the role of their cooks, cleaners, and helpers, all the while balancing their jobs to procure means for livelihood.  

As relaxing as it sounds to be working from the comfort of one’s home, avoiding the crowded daily commute and the nuance of Indian traffic, it has led to an alarmingly high increase of mental health issues.

As if the stress of a pandemic was not enough, companies overburdened employees with workload citing “Time saved by travel” as justification. 

At first, it felt manageable, waking up just two minutes before a meeting, working from the comfort of your couch/bed, and enjoying homemade meals. However, as March went and April came and then April went and November came, the world refused to wake up and start over again.

Work from home had now become the new normal.

Work from home has largely impacted both the mental and physical health of individuals and it is becoming an increasing concern because the pandemic doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Thus, it is high time we start implementing a few basic tips in our daily lives to look after ourselves as our health is the most important part of our lives, without it, we may find ourselves on our deathbed. Read below to find out some easy, yet refreshing tips to keep your health in check.


A Few Basic Tips to Lead a Healthy Life:


As much as it hurts to get out of bed an hour early after a tiring and exhausting day, the body needs to get a little bit of exercise every day. Make it a habit to get at least half an hour of exercise daily.

Although this can be done at any hour of the day, it is best to start your morning with some slight exercise. If you’re not comfortable with a hardcore workout, the best way to go is to try yoga.

Yoga relaxes both the mind and the body and helps in channeling our innermost energies, allowing them to sync. 

Fresh Air

As ridiculous as it may sound, getting fresh air is extremely important for the body to function properly.

Especially in today’s times when most of us are scared to go outside, and rightly so, our lungs keep inhaling the air that circulates and re-circulates in the closed walls of our homes. Fresh air and sunlight are two essential factors our body needs to produce essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin D.

Thus, make it a habit to replace the regular ‘chai breaks’ with a quick walk on the balcony or the terrace and even better to go for a daily morning or evening walk!

Eat a Balanced diet

As much as this point may look like it's coming from a class five science textbook, trust me, it is a very crucial part of leading a healthy life.

A balanced diet provides the body with all the essential carbohydrates, proteins, essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins.

Though most of us are in the mode of experimenting with new food every day, try to opt for a healthier choice and enjoy whipping it up all the while keeping your health in check!

Reduce Screen Time

Everything is online right now. From schools, colleges, work, and even extracurricular activities like gyms, dance classes, virtual shows, virtual concerts.This only means a hell of a lot of screen time.

Screen time is very harmful to the eyes and the optic nerves and the light damages these nerves and puts additional pressure on them. You must have realized the negatives of screen time in this pandemic the most.

Thus, it is advised to not use a screen, be it a television, your phone, a movie, or anything at all for recreational purposes.

This will let the mind and eyes some rest from the negatives of being online and in turn automatically reduce all the chronic headaches, watery eyes, and redness. 

We are living through trying times and keeping health as our priority is a necessity at this point.

Thus, follow these, keep healthy, stay home, and be safe!