Healing Stones and Astrology- The Magical Properties of Lapis Lazuli

Healing Stones and Astrology- The Magical Properties of Lapis Lazuli

The art and science of astrology are based on making spiritual links between a plain or inanimate object and proving how it is connected to a greater power. Astrology has been effective in proving many different phenomena in the world above us.

The concept of gemstones and birthstones originated from astrology. We can say that astrology is the reason why we could decipher the hidden properties in stones and how beneficial it is to the human body. Thus, the concept of healing stones, lucky stones, and birthstones came to play. This article will talk about the magnificent healing stone of the lapis lazuli and the brilliant properties it embodies within itself. 


The Meaning of Lapis Lazuli 

The word Lapis Lazuli has been derived from the Latin word Lapis. It is an ancient gemstone and has gained popularity in the world of astrology due to its superb healing properties. This stone was a popular choice among royal families and mystics. The calming energy the stone gives out and the connection it has with the divine is the reason why it is so beneficial to human health. However, it is necessary for the person wearing the stone to wear it for a long period. Otherwise, the effects will not cumulate. It acts as a shield to protect the individual from the negative energies of the world. 


The History of Lapis Lazuli 

The Lapis Lazuli was first discovered in the lands of Afghanistan and the kingdoms of Egypt and Siberia. The Mughal era was very fond of this particular stone and would always go in search of it. The Lapis Lazuli was a very precious and prized ingredient in architecture and has even been used to build the Taj Mahal.

Till today, the Lapis Lazuli is considered to be of the high esteem in India. Lapis Lazuli is a stone that adorned the Breastplate of the High Priest Aaron. The people of Ancient Egypt used to believe that the Lapis Lazuli came from heaven to protect the afterlife of a person. The Egyptians then used this stone in their totemic artifacts, burial masks, God statues, and jewelry.  


Spiritual Benefits of the Lapis Lazuli 

The Lapis lazuli is effective in getting rid of the negative energies one embodies within themselves and align them with the higher positive energies and vibrations that surround them. The immensely strong energies it gives out helps a person be more aware of their inner self and strengths. The calming properties it embodies helps soothe problems suffered in the home or workplace. Self-imposed regulations, struggles, and problems are relieved by the stone.

The lapis lazuli is also effective in opening up numerous chakras. It is effective in bringing about inner peace, truth, positivity, purification, and love for everyone surrounding you and close to you. Other benefits of the lapis lazuli include enhancing one’s creativity, clarity, and objectivity in life. It helps relationships strengthen alongside feelings and emotions. 


 Medical Benefits of the Lapis Lazuli 

The healing stone of lapis lazuli has numerous medical benefits. Its medical benefits are the reason for which it is so well known and so widely used. The Lapis Lazuli boosts one’s immune system by increasing immunity, lowers the blood pressure in the body, soothes inflammation or swellings if any, and is also known to purify the blood. Other mental struggles like anxiety and depression are also reduced through the healing properties of lapis lazuli. Diseases like insomnia or sleep apnoea are also cured through this stone. Lapis lazuli is also known to alleviate throat-related struggles and problems with the thyroid. The intense pain of migraines is also believed to be cured through this stone. Other benefits of this magic stone include cleaning organs, purifying bone marrow, and soothing the throat. Lapis lazuli is also beneficial for the nervous and respiratory systems. It has a strong connection to the throat and larynx too. Sore throats are quickly cured by this stone and one’s immunity strengthens quickly too. This healing stone is also beneficial in treating spleen disorders, problems of the heart, virility, any kind of pain, in the treatment of epilepsy, and eye problems. Any damage in the RNA/DNA of a human or problems with tuberculosis is also cured or healed by the brilliant blue Lapis lazuli.