Healing and the Five Elements

Healing and the Five Elements

Indian Culture and sciences have always ventured to know as much about the human body as it is possible. They have aimed to establish a connection between nature and the body and also how the forces of the universe are successful in creating a variety of elements that influence a person’s life. As studies progressed, scientists and astrologers concluded that the body and the universe are composed of five elements. These elements are earth, fire, water, ether, and air, respectively. The balance between these five elements is what is extremely important to achieve for a person to lead a healthy and peaceful life. A slight imbalance in one of the elements can lead to illnesses and thus, many healing techniques deal with purifying and balancing out these elements. 

Even in astrology, the 12 zodiacs or sun signs are based on these five elements and tell us a lot about the native of the particular zodiac. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius come under the Fire element, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius come under the element of air, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces is a part of the Water element, and, finally, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn is associated with the element of Earth.


Details of Each of the Elements:


Water Element. School-level sciences teach that a body consists of 70% water. This is a common fact known to all. By far the water element is the most prominent in the body in terms of weightage. A human body possesses high quantities of water. Every liquid present in the body, ranging from blood to mucus, is in the form of water. Thus, the importance of the water element cannot be overemphasized. Even a slight disbalance in the water element can result in serious health issues. Thus, it is important to keep this element stable and in balance.


Earth Element. The Earth element takes form and prominence only with the presence of the rest of the four elements. It is this element that is responsible for giving the body stature and structure. Planet earth is itself a carrier of a ton of different elements. Similarly, the element of the earth represents all the different elements of a human body that come under it. 


Fire Element. The fire itself is enough to depict majestic qualities. It symbolizes energy and spirit. Similarly, it is the element of fire that gives energy to a human body. It is the sole determinant of the movement of the human body. The warmth of the fire is what helps us withstand extreme cold. Just like its metaphor, the element of fire gives the body strength and protection in dealing with difficult situations in life. It is the fuel that our body requires to progress and process.


Air Element. The human body is just a heap of bones if it comes without life in it. The element of air is what gives life to a human body. It is the spirit and the soul of the body. The air element is the element that makes it possible for the earth to be composed of living beings. Without air, everything is as good as dead. Thus, the element of air is one of the most crucial elements among the five elements.


Ether Element. Just the element of life is not enough for humans to be different from each other. It is the soul that makes up their being and the soul which has the spirit to differentiate. Feelings, emotions, and thoughts are all elements of the soul. The ether element consists of the soul of the human body and is separate from the rest four elements as it does not fall under the element of the sky.


Healing through the elements:


Every individual possesses different quantities of these elements and must towards balancing out each. A well-balanced ratio among the five elements helps achieve good health and good spirits. The art of meditation is recommended to be practiced for achieving said goal. Yoga is also recommended as it deals with balancing out the inner disturbances of a body. Consulting doctors is a must if one faces severe health issues. But, if medicines fail to grant a cure, one must look into the sphere of the disbalance of the five elements of a body and implement special remedies to achieve a cure.