Love is a vital part of life, a strong sensation of affection, secureness, a warmth that we feel for those we care about. It gives us a purpose in life and is a source of contentment and ease. It is a complex set of emotions and behaviors which comes from the power of the Almighty and is a part of the lifeforce energy, the energy responsible for life and breath in the universe. It is the one essential element that maintains the healthy social fabric of the society along with the other secondary components. Given the utmost importance of this feeling, it is very important to uphold, maintain and mend it, and prevent it from being spoilt, be it the relationship with the one you love, or your parents, or any blood relative. Reiki healing can be used for this specific purpose, either by yourself or through the help of a Reiki master of Reiki symbols.



Reiki unlocks the capacity of an individual to love and care. It helps deepen bonding chiefly because it has the capability to increase one’s potential for love. An increase in empathy results in greater connection and communication and instills within the person the ability to understand and see things from other’s perspectives. The increased power of empathy and love also produces respect as an outcome for the other person, and as a fundamental rule, what you give is what you get back. You act as a mirror for your deeds and seeing your compassion, the other person tends to give you the same.

Relationships are also affected by stress, anxiety, and mental turbulence. Reiki healing with its practice boosts mood, can cure anxiety and depression, reduce strength and give a sense of inner peace. If you are at peace with yourself, then only will you be able to extend love and compassion to others?



For carrying out Reiki for kinships or mending old wounds, it is advised to take the permission of the other person. However, if you are in a relationship with someone and Reiki is to be performed for that relation, approval is not required. One of the most widespread methods in Reiki healing for relationships is following the precepts of Reiki, laid down in the culture by the founder, Mikao Usui. The principals were originally inscribed by the Japanese Meiji Emperor.

  1. Not to get infuriated today
  2. Not to be grave today
  3. To unremittingly express gratefulness and gratitude
  4. To be generous to other beings
  5. To be scrupulous in one's business


Another procedure that one can practice is using a form of Reiki meditation as explained further in detail. You can start the process by envisioning you and the person with whom you wish to mend your relationship with, that you are sending the particular person positive Reiki love energy. Illusion both of you together being illuminated with this light. Be aware and realize the emotions that arise and draw the Sei Hei Kei symbol in order to remove the negative energy and emotions related. This will also open up your mind to see the things and incidents from the perspective of the particular person, and you will be clearly able to notice the goodness and concede it which you might not have felt before. Express your gratefulness for having that person your life and complete the session by invigorating constructive sensations. Use the Cho Ku Rei symbol and allow the flow of the lifeforce vital energy in you. You may or may not make use of the symbols, especially if you are a Reiki student and are attuned.



There are various things you will realize in the Reiki session that will help change you and your broken relationships. First and foremost, to be present and be yourself. Value your abilities and talents instead of trying to imitate others and stop worrying about how things might go and other wary details. Live in the present moment and enjoy what you already have. Reiki can help you get over the clinginess and neediness to a person and help you realize things that you could not acknowledge before. It allows you to realize and align yourself with what you actually want from your life and achieve a sense of balance. It instills the capability to give and receive and allows you to take risks.


Thus, Reiki can demonstrate great wonders when it comes to healing relationships and help us take big steps ahead in life.