He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – Let’s See How Zodiac Signs Deal With Broken Knots?

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – Let’s See How Zodiac Signs Deal With Broken Knots?

We’ve all had a fair share deal of heartbreaks throughout our lives. Sometimes they are difficult, and some heartbreaks are like a light breeze, that you do not even feel it. Zodiac Signs have different traits according to planetary positions and Elements of Nature they are ruled by. They also deal with heartbreaks in a variety of ways. Let us look at all the twelve zodiac signs and how each one of them deals with Heartbreak.


Aries become moody and silent when they have gone through a heartbreak. Breakups are very messy for our passionate Aries. They feel bogged down frequently and find it hard to motivate themselves to be back on track again.


Some people think that Taurus can easily deal with heartbreaks and part of which why this is true is they let themselves feel whatever they’re feeling. They do not hide their emotions and cry when needed.


Gemini feels dejected after a heartbreak. They do not like to talk about it too often. They need a year or two to enter into a committed relationship all over again. Geminis are people who overthink a lot, so they do not overthink about their breakup again, they socialize a lot with others.


A heartbreak can be very cruel to our Cancers. They are emotional and feel nervous most of the time after a heartbreak. It takes them a lot of time to feel the emotional stability they had during their relationship.


Leos are very unpredictable. They are mostly who are the heartbreakers, rather than people breaking their hearts. But once they’ve had their heartbroken, it takes them a lot of time to process what happened. They do not talk much and get quiet and smile very little after a breakup.


Virgos can handle themselves quite gracefully after a breakup. They do not invest much time in the emotional drama after the breakup. The way they approach things is downright practical, so it does not take much time for them to fully feel fine anew.


Libra is known as the peacemakers so it is highly unlikely that they’ll feel anything volatile if they are the reason for heartbreak or vice versa. Libra is fond of pleasing people but once they know that something is not working, it takes everything inside of them to keep going. They can easily end a relationship on normal, peaceful grounds and also get their hearts broken. They may remain gloomy but will be back on track in no time.


Heartbreak for a Scorpio is very messy. They are people who feel every aspect of their relationship quite intensely. Once their partners sever their relations with them, it takes them a lot of counselling to feel alright again. They might even display suicidal tendencies after they’ve gone through a chaotic breakup. A Scorpio needs to maintain neutrality in all situations. This is the only solution.


Sagittarius devotes themselves completely to their relationship. But after a heartbreak, they can be very quiet and have dark thoughts. They’ll express their sadness through creative means like writing songs, art, novels, etc. They take a lot of pride in converting their experiences into art.


A-Cap can show two extremes after a breakup—they can be very emotionally destructive or emotionally calm like a Monk. A Capricorn prefers long-term relationships rather than hop on new ones in no time.


Aquarius can show a lot of different tendencies after they go through a breakup. They can be cool and calm, or they can shut themselves completely away from the world. It is hard to understand an Aquarius as they do not understand themselves. However, if an Aqua appears cool and calm on the inside, know that they might be repressing many emotions and feelings.


A breakup for a Pisces can be very chaotic. They are emotional people who need constant nurturing and assurance to blossom to their fullest potential. However, Pisces learn a great deal about themselves after their breakups and heartbreaks.

So, what do you think about the Zodiac signs and the way they deal with their heartbreaks? Make sure not to lose sight of everything around you after a heartbreak. Things change steadily but surely.