This is a question that bothers most of us and we just can’t interpret the fact if a happy life can actually be  meaningful. Now to understand this properly the best thing to see what a happy life refers to.

A happy life is when we feel good most of the time, we feel that everything is easy for us and we just don’t have to struggle a lot.

If you are healthy and are able to buy anything and everything that you need, then this too marks a healthy life. 

However, a life which is meaningful but not happy is one where you spend most of the time thinking about the decisions that you made in the past or pondering over your future.

You will spend most of the time trying to focus on your goals and thinking very deeply. On the other hand, a life which allows you to experience better and positive events.

You will have an aim in your life and thus will not feel bored most of the time. You will also work on your personal relationships and try to connect with others as well as let others connect to you too. 

To get a deeper meaning of this theory, let's surf a bit more.

Happy Life May Not be a Meaningful Life: Difference between a happy and meaningful life

A happy life and a meaningful one has certain differences too. However, these two are different sides of the same coin. 

However, one needs to remember that this is not always true. Through studies made by various people, you can come to the conclusion that happiness, money and comfortable life are not the only parameters that one can consider.

Here are five major differences between happy and meaningful life are given below.

The people who are happy in their life will always want their own personal needs and this is as good as irrelevant to having a meaningful life. All in all, health and wealth are all a part of a happy life but not a meaningful one.

Happiness is when you try to focus what you are doing in present, but a meaningful one will make you ponder over past as well as future too.

When in a meaningful life, you will feel happy when you give others things while happy life is one in which you feel content when people gift you things.

Meaningful life is full of stress of all kinds while Happy is one in which you have no kind of stress and are pretty happy with everything and anything that you have.

You feel that you need to express yourself freely to others but in a happy one you don’t feel this need.

Therefore, when you receive happiness by helping or giving others then you are in a meaningful life. However, if happiness is received by receiving things then this is simply a happy life. 

Star Tarot Card: Happiness without Pleasure

There are certain studies which point towards the fact that we can get happiness through meaning too.

This happiness is coming to you after you complete certain goals in your life. These studies came to another solid conclusion that if you get happy due to meaning then you are likely to have better immune system. 

Therefore, a meaningful life will anytime be better than the one without it. Some more benefits of having a happy as well as meaningful life are less stress, low insulin resistance and thus less chances of getting diabetes, good cholesterol level, better sleep schedule and hence high brain activity too.

A proper happy as well as meaningful life will reduce your stress too. You are likely to get more happiness when you give something to someone and this will ultimately lead to a happy and meaningful life. 

You will have ample positive emotions in you and thus will reduce stress. However, most of the people will always choose a meaningful path in their life rather than wanting a happy life. But when studies closely, you will see that you can achieve both, meaning as well as happiness in your life as these two are linked very closely.

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All in all, every one of us will want a life that is a combination of both happiness as well as meaning. However, most of our daily chores like jogging or looking after our homes is unlikely to bring a lot of happiness in our lives. 

According to various studies we can conclude the fact that as soon as people see that they are leading a meaningful life, they will start feeling happy.

But, we need to remember that it is not important that everything that makes us happy will have a meaning too. 

Happiness in many ways is related to having no trouble and a healthy life. But, feeling good most of the tome will not bring any meaning to our life.

Now, relationships with others can make us happy, provided they are good. This factor which makes us connect with others in a positive way has a meaning to it as well as makes us happy. 

Therefore, this way we can lead a happy and a meaningful life. But, if again we take a lot in a relationship and bot give then the life will just be happy but not meaningful.

If we somehow manage to spend good amount of time with our near and dear ones, then this will add a lot of meaning as well as happiness in our life. 

Therefore, with a lot of studies we can come to the conclusion that happiness can come in our life through things that we want. These things can be money or daily chores.

While, a meaningful life is when we give to others and to the society. Such a life is linked to generosity and efforts. 

So, a very meaningful life may not be a very happy one and a very happy life may not be a very meaningful one.