The repetitive process or the situation that is enhanced through the frequency of the mind is known to be Habits. It is not necessary that Habits are always positive. It can turn out to be harmful or negative for an individual as well. It depends on how we absorb and embrace it within ourselves and work on that, every day.

The main cognitive wiring of thoughts takes birth in the mind, therefore, every initiative, every instance, or every situation that we go through wires up the mind to evaluate their own process of thinking and enacting over it. The only difference between nature and habits is that Habits can be changed or transformed.

Our life is encircled and is uncovering the reality with the choices we make with our own analysis. Therefore, every choice in our life is taken to design the reality we expect to see. When we make a choice and it fades away or we tend to forget about it but we still continue to keep doing it, such instances give birth to the habits. That is quite a normal or a natural way of handling the situation, knowingly or unknowingly.

It is what the neurons of our brain function which is quite natural in terms of psychology or neurology. The truth is that even this single habit serves a reason behind it. It has a purpose as it creates a sense of discipline in the life of an individual. The exact time taken for work every day becomes a habit. If an individual keeps on waking up at the same time every day. That becomes a habit. Habit is brushing teeth after every meal or something that we do every day holding the same amount of time for specific work or a situation. That is the way how our practical mentality or mental state works. It has been proven that when we work on new things or learn new patterns of thought or work, the activity in the mind tends to decrease.

After the research done on this vivid subject, it has been found that rats used to store their habits in the basal ganglia of the brain even when the brain is sleeping.

Now demolishing a habit takes a lot of energy directed towards exertion. We generally get into the loophole of the habits in order to obtain something. It can be due to the occurrence of the daily routine or for a reward that is to be bestowed on us for our deed. For such cravings, it has also been advised not to feel low while trying to change such a pattern of the habits created due to our own thoughts. We do not need to change our whole behavior for a single habit. When things do not serve good in our life anymore, the best way is to cut them out rather than holding on to it due to our everyday ritual which has taken in the shape of habits.

Now the reality is that we cannot change a habit in a single day. Just that, it has been created with a course of time, the elimination of a habit will take time as well. We need to grab hold of something or a fresh new start to keep distracting ourselves from that specific habit unless it has been eliminated from the core.

This is the process through which we hold the capability of changing the consequences that we deal with, in our daily life. Treating patients who are suffering from alcoholism or who try their best to quit smoking. It also activates our mind to stop when we feel that we are going towards the verge of overeating regulating the mind to do something that keeps it away from the thoughts of habit.

There are no secret or magic potions for changing habits. There are different ways of changing and resetting our minds in a thousand ways to deal with a single habit.

Every individual has different sets of habit which totally differs from person to person. The specific habit that needs to be changed, needs to be diagnosed. It is due to the individual’s own way of executing habits. Every habit is different from others in the mind of every individual therefore, the same formula won’t help or work on every individual. The approach to change the habit, itself needs to change, according to the situation the individual is in. It affects in every action we take, be it talking to your partner or any work that we have been working on.

The power of Habits depends on how to keep processing it in creating the reality we want to achieve in our life. With the sense of habits, we slowly create the capability of making it a nature within us and when the Universe or the energies around us tends to adapt with that frequency and the wavelength, the mind starts to visualize the situation in that track and keep going on with it. The power lies in the way we think and it all starts with our own mind.

Therefore, concentrating on a specific task to create it as a habit is a whole lot of analysis. Without mindfulness, habits are not capable of shaping reality. To create a habit, it takes only 21 days, according to the research. Therefore, nothing is impossible to execute if we are determined to do it.

A positive habit can take an individual to the height leading success, prosperity, and happiness whereas a negative habit can make an individual get involved in thought processes that are not healthy to live with. Therefore, the best way to process our lifestyle is to understand the habits that make us a better person for tomorrow no matter how negative we were, according to our behavior.

When one decides with determination, they hold the power to change their life into the desirable way they want to. With immense effort and with the grip of time, everything in the world is possible until we stick to be determined for bringing the change. It is all within us how we shape our life into a better one, for an ethereal future to live on.