Guide to Purple Aura - Meaning & Traits

Guide to Purple Aura - Meaning & Traits

One of the most radiant and vibrant colors of all the colors present in the spiritual chakra is the purple aura. People with purple aura are born to bring about a bold revolutionary change in society.  

They are defiant and choose to believe what they perceive. They try to break the old shackles of the existing norms of society and set new standards. Their creative minds deny the old standards. They make their own instruments to tune in with life.  

Individuals with Purple Aura are highly intuitive. They are passionate about the work they proceed with. With compassion at heart and a firm mind, they strive to succeed in life.  

If you are someone with Purple Aura you need to consider yourself extremely lucky. People with Purple Aura aren't often seen and therefore when you come across someone you will easily get to understand. You might come across them over an award show or television program. People with Purple Aura are likely to be very famous.  

Purple Aura and Its Traits  

The individuals with Purple Aura are born to make a huge impact in the world. They are the natural conquerors. Since their childhood, they aspire to inspire others. They try to reach out to the masses and understand the needs of others and provide their undying service to others. Trying to entertain people with their joyful and curious nature they aim to reach out to a large number of people.  

The level of imagination for the people having Purple Auras will be nothing like that of the others. They stand out strong from the common masses. They try to improve their social surroundings thus by making revolutionary and exemplary changes in the lives of the people. With their long-sighted nature a critical approach, they stand bold amongst the rest. The highly intuitive nature of these individuals with a compassionate heart and a mysterious mindset makes them so unique.  

They try to balance the forces of nature being highly connected with their emotions and sentiments which vibrates well with the logical thinkers of the world. The eccentric nature of these purple aura individuals is greatly appreciated by the world outside.  

Special and Physic Abilities of Purple Auras  

People with Purple Aura are highly intuitive and spiritual in nature. These are the major contributing factors for making them perfect physics. Sensitivity along with the contentment with oneself goes hand in hand for the people with Purple Auras. Their mysterious nature makes them even more appealing to others.  

The individuals with Purple Auras are always busy with some or the other project. They are never contemplating spilled milk. They always look forward to and try to achieve as much success as possible in their lifetime. Their life motto is to work as long as they can serve. This is what makes them so special.  

Beyond the paradigms of entertainment, the individuals who have Purple Auras are best in sectors that require healing, such as aromatherapists, etc.  

The people who have Purple Auras are so highly intuitive in nature that they can quickly figure out the true intentions of the other people. Apart from the fields of entertainment and being healers these individuals have an excellent way of connecting with people. They make exceptional writers as they find it inbuilt in them to connect with people.  

Possessing the unique ability to connect with people, the Purple Aura individuals are great preachers. Therefore, they make excellent teachers as they find it easy to understand the perspective of others. These individuals focus on learning and trying to reach out to the mass rather than expecting what they will get in return.  

Attract the Purple Aura Power  

If you are eager and keen to attract the purple aura you can easily be able to harness and attract the aura. You can decorate your work or home space with Purple. It is not necessary that every object has to be purple in color. The purple color being itself so powerful doesn't require any further manifestation.  

If you want you can also try using purple pillow covers, lampshades with the tone of purple, laptop cases, or even curtains with Purple color can be other alternatives to manifest the Purple Aura.