Everyone around us striving to lead a happier and more purposeful life. You will want constant growth in your life so that you become more approachable to others. However, you might not always achieve what you want to. People are very impatient and little things trigger them very easily. Holding your cool and acting in the right way in a situation is a very important trait that you should adopt. However, you can very easily change yourself to be a better person. You should genuinely consider taking out some time for yourself to practice the art of mindfulness. This will ultimately help you lead a better life.


Understanding Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is your ability to be present physically as well as mentally in a particular situation. It the trait inside you which makes you aware of your actions and your decisions. Everyone has the characteristic of mindfulness hidden inside them. All you have to do is learn how to figure this characteristic out and work towards using it in your daily routine. You can perform different forms of meditation in order to increase the level of mindfulness in your life. This will definitely help you reduce tension in your life. Your anger and frustration will reduce too. You will become more curious and stop judging people around you. This will ultimately make you a nice person.


Mindfulness and Better Decisions:

Mindfulness is extremely helpful for you and will help you in taking better as well as calculative decisions in life. Your decisions directly affect the quality of your life and with better decisions, you will lead a happier life. Decisions play a great role in helping you achieve your goals and thus it is better that you think before you decide. Mindfulness will give you the patience to think rationally and make the best decisions.


Starting the day with purpose:

You will always have certain intentions, whether good or bad associated with all your tasks. Without intentions your life is meaningless and there is no motivation inside you to complete any task. There are two parts in your brain, the unconscious one, and the conscious one. It is the unconscious part that generally takes the decision. However, with adopting mindfulness, you will be able to connect the conscious and unconscious mind and take better decisions. Start your day with a proper purpose. As soon as you wake up, sit on your bed in a relaxed way, take some deep breathes, and the thing about the purpose of the day. Once you have decided on the purpose, you should decide in your mind about how you will go about it with the day.


Pausing during the day:

Most of the people around you might not spend a lot of time on themselves. They are always in a hurry and hardly have the time to think back and reflect upon themselves and their actions. This is definitely not good as this will lead to you repeating the same mistakes as you do not know which decision yields good results and which bad. You should take control of your own life and start thinking before making decisions. If proper thought is put in before doing something, you will save a lot of time and also avoid getting hurt due to wrong decisions. At the end of the day, just sit back and sit doing nothing for a few hours. Utilize this time to think about how your day went and what all could have been done to make it more productive. You should remember to think every day and come out with solutions to make your life better.


Try doing one thing at a time:

Multitasking is never advised. This will not increase the level of productivity inside you but rather end up making you less efficient. You just can’t give your full attention to multiple things and this will lead you to get average results. You are advised to work on training your mind and increasing focus. Try to do one thing at a time and engage yourself in doing a lot of different tasks in a day. You will need to manage your time properly too but you can expect better results out of this.