Greetings Matriarch!!- Pregnancy Indications with Different Tarot cards

Greetings Matriarch!!- Pregnancy Indications with Different Tarot cards

Are you planning on extending your family? Are you waiting for a little munchkin to roll around in your arms? Well, we are asking these questions because several female sitters tend to ask such questions while they are sitting for their tarot sessions. So, we have a little surprise for you ladies, we have a list of cards that tend to suggest a straight-up yesfor such questions of yours. Let us have a look at a few cards that say baby on boardquite clearly.

Queen of Swords

As per the standards of Tarot reading, it is not that this card directly spells out the chance of pregnancy, but if you still wish to ask any questions related to the same then the answer is likely to be favorable. The drawn upright, this card tends to help you overcome several issues and makes your way towards optimism. And it is only in terms of a reversed reading that this card gives out a possibility of an undesired pregnancy or intense issues.

Queen of Cups

All is good and all is well when this card tends to appear in one of your readings. And that is because, the cup of queens is known to be one of the strongest cards to appear, and why not? Come on, were talking about the queens here. This card depicts the amount of happiness and love in terms of your romantic relationships.

It may not directly address your pregnancy, but if asked a question related to the same, then well you will receive a positive response. This card is all about protection and happiness, so get ready mommies, youre about to have a little one roaming around your very soon.

Ace of Cups

Get your party poppers out, as its time for a piece of good news to hop in on you!! The ace of cups, this card is all about announcing happiness and success in one's family, so if you wish to address the want of children and this card pops out, then congratulation Mr. and Mrs. youre definitive about to be parents and your wish will surely come true. A direct and clear yes in terms of your pregnancy is what this card represents. So, let the new beginnings knock in!!

The World

Well, as per what the name suggests this card looks like a fulfilling and inclusive one, am I right, or am I right? Well, absolutely right!! This card in tarot readings tends to depict a sense of achievement, and fulfillment in life. So, if you ladies are planning on asking the question that will I be having a child? and if this card appears then start celebrating as this is a loud and clear yes.

It tends to reveal the possibility of not just but many more children, so get ready for the responsibility my friends. Moreover, this card is also about the generic evolution and success in ones family.

High Priestess and the empress

While we talk about the cards that depict the possibility of bearing a child then what better than these feminine cards- the high priestess and the empress. Both these cards symbolize being a mother, the former card which the high priestess tends to understand the deep and intense meaning of life. Whereas the latter card which is the empress, this card sure is seen as either a mother or being pregnant, but it is more associated with the material things of life. This card may or may not give you a surety of your offspring, but it attempts to give strength and determination to the entire womankind.

The Moon

This card is seldom misunderstood, but the truth is that this card is a maternal one, and if you ladies tend to ask a question related to that of your pregnancy and this card appears then youre definitely up for a piece of good news because this card is all about female energy and strength.

Gear up ladies, youre in for a full-time adventure with those little munchkins!!