Giving Meaning to the Process- Tarot Learning Phase 

Giving Meaning to the Process- Tarot Learning Phase 

When we talk about tarot cards a certain sense of excitement grows into us, but have you ever thought that what if you wish to read your tarot fate? Well, this is a lovely thought and let us tell that this is not at all impossible, it might take some time, but you can give it a shot. So, let us help you learn the meaning of tarot cards through a step-wise procedure. 

Step 1. Analyze your learning preference!

While you were in school or college how did you choose to learn or study for your exams? No, this is not an irrelevant question, this is relevant to the topic. Because if you were a visual learner then you better grab that booklet and start writing doodling your understanding of the tarot cards.

If you were a good listener then you can look out for some audio lessons for a better understanding of the cards, or if you were a practical learner that learning it directly through the cards in front will be a better option. So, now you see how the question that asked earlier is relevant? To learn the meanings of all the tarot cards and understand the correspondences of your tarot readings, you need to first decide and analyze your learning and understanding preference. 

Step 2. Numeric readings need to be on top priority!

Well, are you somewhat autistic when it comes to numbers? Because I am and it gets really hard to understand things when numbers are involved. So, to determine the energies of the tarot cards, you will first have to understand the basic numerological meaning of the minor as well as major Arcana cards. Cards like 4 of wands, 10 of swords, etc need to be decoded more simply first. Have a look at the list of numbers and their significance: 

  1. Fresh start
  2. Stability 
  3. Creativity and Invention 
  4. Rebuilding foundations 
  5. Initiative to change 
  6. Exchange 
  7. Your intellect 
  8. Your mastering subject 
  9. Ending one phase and beginning the other one. 
  10. mostly counted as one.

Step 3. Clarity into the four major elements 

Since we all know that the human body and soul is a perfect and magical combination of four elements namely- earth, water, fire, and air. Now, these elements play a huge role in simplifying the correspondences and in understanding tarot readings. Now let us bifurcate these elements according to the traits that they depict and the suitsthey are most suitable for. 

Earth- Material possessions- suit of pentacles 

Fire- Action, energy and your power - suit of wands 

Air- Expression, and freedom- suit of swords

Water- Highly intuitive and emotional- suit of cups 

Step 4. Tarot with zodiacs and planetary labels

Yea, we know it is quite a lengthy one, but trust me once the learning phase is over youll feel a lot more satisfied in yourself and youll be an expert by then. Now speaking of zodiacs and planets concerning tarot readings, let us analyze each of the planets and the zodiacs through the traits that they display along with the card that they match. 

Aries- Emperors- Leaders 

Taurus- Hierophant- Grounded to the earth 

Gemini- Lovers- Charming 

Cancer- Chariot- Emotional 

Leo -Strength- Extroverts 

Virgo- Hermit- Perfectly organized 

Libra- Justice- Balanced 

Scorpio- Death- Intense 

Sagittarius- Temperance- Explorers 

Capricorn- The devil- Hardworking 

Pisces- The star- Intuitive 

Aquarius- The moon- Out of the box 


Sun – Self-pride 

Moon – Concealed 

Mercury – Expression 

Venus – Love

Mars – Fighter 

Jupiter – Expansion

Saturn – Limitation 

Uranus – Rebellious 

Neptune – Ambitions 

Pluto – New beginnings 

Step 5. Zodiacs + Planets+ Elements? 

Correspondences in tarot cards are taken up as strong forces of energies that one needs to understand in order to have a detailed and clear understanding of all the cards. Now all you need to do is to amalgamate all the above information and focus on the zodiacs, planets, and elements as one. So, let us have a look at the three of them complement each other. 

  1. Aries - Mars - Fire 
  2. Taurus - Venus - Earth+Water 
  3. Gemini - Mercury - Air 
  4. Cancer - Moon - Water 
  5. Leo- Sun - Fire 
  6. Virgo - Mercury - Earth+Air
  7. Libra - Venus - Air+Water 
  8. Scorpio - Pluto - Water 
  9. Sagittarius - Jupiter - Fire 
  10. Capricorn - Saturn - Earth 
  11. Aquarius - Uranus - Air 
  12. Pisces - Neptune - Water 

Step. 6 Lastly, make your intuitions count!! 

Congratulations!! Youre finally here at the last step and dont worry this is not something that you will have to learn. This last step works totally on your intuition, you need to understand the correspondences through the knowledge you gained above and through your gut instincts and intuitions. If your intuition works the right way then you, my friend will not be needing any guide books anymore. 

So, get going experts, youre all set to read your own fate!!