Get to know about your financial abundance in Horoscope

Get to know about your financial abundance in Horoscope

Money has become the center of attraction nowadays. Everybody is focusing on how to earn more and more. No matter how much they earn it is never enough for them. If you ask a bunch of people to write their priorities list you will be shocked to see that money tops their priority list. Well, we can't ignore the fact that luxuries can only be brought by money and everyone is fond of a luxurious lifestyle. It is a well-known fact that money can't buy everything but it can buy almost everything you desire. With inflation in the economy, it is getting difficult day by day for middle and lower-class people to survive. Some people are even ignoring their loved ones in the race of becoming rich. People keep asking their astrologers about when they will get more money. At what age will they become rich? In this article, I have cleared your concept about how to ensure financial abundance in a horoscope and notice the signals of wealth in astromancy.

Major houses for financial abundance in Horoscope

There are a total of 12 houses in a horoscope. The second house came to be known as Dhana Bhava indicating wealth or money. To know the prospect of wealth and money, the Lord of this house, its strength, and its indicator should be checked. Along with the 2nd house, strengths of the 6th house, 10th house, and 11th house should also be checked. House numbers 2nd, 6th, and 10th are known as the Artha Trikona. They have tremendous importance relating to financial abundance in Horoscopy.

Our lives are led by the 4 pillars namely Duty or Dharma,, Wealth or Artha, Fulfillment of Desire or Kama, and Liberation or Spirituality or Moksha. The houses that are known as Dharma houses are the 1st house, 5th house and 9th house. The  houses that are known as Artha house are the 2nd house, 6th house and 10th house. The houses that are known as Kama house are the 3rd house, 7th house and 11th house and the houses that are known as Moksha house are the 4th house, 8th house and 12th house. The one known as Artha house plays a significant role in the profession and income of a person.

The house number 6th, 10th and 11th also came to be known as the Upachaya house. It defines that it will give a person the energy and courage required to fight all the odds and clear all the hurdles on his way. This should be considered the most important quality as on the way to financial progress a person has to face many obstacles.

To summarise it we can say the 2nd house indicates money or funds, 11th house points to financial prosperity and wealth, house number 10th points to recognition and professional success and house number 6th indicates how to overcome challenges. So, the 6th and 10th houses can be considered as supporting houses.

There are additional houses that might not have a direct impact on financial matters but without them, the flight to financial prosperity can be crashed. Lagna means our physical presence and the 9th house points to luck or fortune. If the lord is placed in the 8th number house or 12th number house then it can affect your wealth adversely. But if the prospering lord joins the house number 10th and house number 2nd lord then it is considered a good blend for financial prosperity in Astrology.

Major planets for monetary abundance in Horoscope

Jupiter and Moon are the main indicators of affluence in horoscopes. Venus presents luxuries and comfort in one’s life. In the absence of the blessings of these planets, one cannot imagine getting rich. So if these planets are placed right then you are getting rich.

Mercury is considered not only the planet of intellect and Intuition but also the planet of monetary gain. If mercury fits well in the birth chart then it indicates prosperity in a career and brings financial abundance. If mercury is on the highest level in the birth chart then consider it as a blessing for economic stability.

Fundamentals of checking financial abundance in horoscope

Jupiter is considered the most prosperous planet of the entire zodiac. Consider yourself lucky on the financial side, if Jupiter is placed at the highest level in your birth chart.

If the lords of 1st, 2nd, and 11th houses are in their respective houses then you are getting rich.

If the 7th house and 8th house are in a strong place, then after marriage your financial condition is going to improve.