Get A Boon of Life with Turtles in Vastu

Get A Boon of Life with Turtles in Vastu

The turtles have its own meaning and significance in vastu shastra just like any other lucky plant or charms people do trust to keep at their places in order to ensure the increase in the possibilities of love, prosperity, care, wealth, good health, etc. The turtles are kept in a particular direction with some significance for each of the manner in which they are kept or even how they are kept.



Many times when you visit a person’s house than you actually surprised to see many of the turtles everywhere, as we are not mentioning the real ones here but the fake ones or the object ones. One may have noticed that people do keep them in certain ways but what does it signify anyway?


The turtle is though used to ensure the stability in a person’s life in those areas or aspects where they do lack instability such as financial state or even any other state but its main purpose is to ensure stability. The main two things in the life which everyone craves to be perfect is the money and good health.


How to use it?

When a person goes through the finical crisis, there are many more things which he/she faces other than stress like there relationships do get affected or their level of consciousness gets affected which also affects their eating habits and many more things. If these people want to ensure all these problems to take u turn than they need to keep the turtle in any place in the north direction in their house.


Just to have the basic knowledge about a turtle, these creatures are comfortable in water as well as on land and thus they can be placed normally over a small piece of cloth or in a bowl of water or just like that. To ensure the proper directioning over the placement of these turtles, oe need to make sure that the turture should place in such a way that its tail is points in the north direction in the above case as if it is walking off from that direction stabilizing the problems its way.


Other than this there are many more arrangements and directions which people can have at their place to ensure the stability and we will discuss it ahead.



The turtle is related to a certain belief of helping people to keep their mind peaceful and stable. The turtle in not only accepted as the common belief all over india but it is even followed by and lot of people ensuring positive results in their lives too. This culture has not only evolved from india but it also has its connection with the chinese traditions as they also do believe to follow all these traditions and rituals.


It is believed that it should be face towards the ‘purv’ disha or the east direction which ensure that it will helps the family to keep the check own their good and proper health.

If kept at home is helps the family business to make good profit and very good income for the family. It can also be kept at offices, shops or your working place to ensure the stable flow of money and positivity.

Facing towards uttar disha or the north direction as discuss before, it represents good financial crisis at workplace. The turtles are advised to ne made of silver or crystals for the better results in the stability.

There is a traditional way to keep a turtle in our homes or workplaces. Paint a glass container with gold, fill water and then place a crystal turtle in it with the specified direction earlier.

Everyday, using rose petals to worship it might bring positivity to the house or the place it is kept. One can even sprinkle the filled water inside the bowl around the house for creating a positive aura around them.

Turtles are considered to be the link to heaven from earth. In Asia it is believed that turtle represents universe, and have created the universe from its body: the turtle’s shell is the heaven, its body is earth, and under the shell is underworld.

If these creature objects are kept in the north east direction in the house than , it is said that the health issues faced by that particular person or family get vanished slowly with a significance that the turtles have their own life of over 120 to 150 years.

Also these objects need to direct the energy of those circumstances and thus people are also advised to keep their medical aids near the turtle.

It is said that the house of a person is the extension of the subconscious space that the person has create in their lives. Thus the objects, plants or any other charms kept at those places does need an indication of thoughts.

If a person is in need of the stability n their relationship than the are advices to keep the turtles in a pair or

even in a family. The turtle should be made of brass and is kept in facing the south-west direction which will ensure the great stability in the relationships.