Gemstones in Astrology - Role, Types and Their Characteristics

Gemstones in Astrology - Role, Types and Their Characteristics

Gemstones are elements that emit invisible energies that can be transferred as well as transformed. They have a transparent and crystal-like structure attracting and absorbing various types of planetary and cosmic energies. Each gemstone astrology has a different shape, size, color variation. Further, they are transfigured to be used as a remedial tool as planetary energy for gemstone astrology that brings a balance and change in the life a human being when the cosmic energy of the planet is absorbed and reflected through the gem.

The stones are recommended according to the gemstone astrology of the particular person to help him/her benefit and negate the effects in their life. All of this is decided to take in the consideration of the birth chart of the person, the planetary positions, dashas everything. Gemstone plays an important role

 Types of Gemstones and their Characteristics:

 Gemstones are divided into two parts.

  1. Semi-Precious Stones: These are worn as a substitute for precious stones, can be embellished as jewelry, and provide desired results and effects. Some examples of semi-precious stones are Pearl, Red Coral, Hessonite, Turquoise, Onyx, Quartz, etc. 
  1. Precious Stones: They are expensive, have a strong effect and immediate positive effect to negate the negative effects. A few examples of incredible precious stones are Yellow Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Diamond, etc. among many more.


According to Gemstone Astrology, the following gemstones are associated with different planets and have been mentioned below:


 â—      Ruby or Manik for Sun – It is pink in color and said that it rules with authority, status, and power. And helps one in building up as well as improving the confidence and the immune system, moreover, it also helps maintain a healthy body.

 â—      Pearl or Moti is for Moon – It is white in color and is associated with one’s subconscious mind. It takes care of one’s feelings, moods, habits, and aspirations; along with this it also enhances the peace of mind of a person.

 â—      Red Coral or Moonga is for Mars – It is red in color. This particular stone represents the motivation, ambition of a person and helps in improving finances. It instills a person with more courage, energy as well as physical strength. Additionally, it helps in removing obstacles and hindrances in life and reduces mental stress as well as clearing the marital disputes.

 â—      Emerald or Panna is for Mercury – It is of green color and helps in improving the intelligence, communication, and speech of a person. It also increases the capacity of many task completion simultaneously.

 â—      Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is for Jupiter – The stone is yellow in color and it promotes happiness, prosperity, and fortune in a person’s life as it represents education, wealth, and children. It is considered to bring positive energy and helps during the process of marriage as well as childbirth. 

 â—      Sapphire or Diamond is for Venus – It is the gemstone of white color. It is considered to be good and positive for relationships, married life. It increases the stamina and instills creative and artistic skills in a person.

 â—      Blue Sapphire is for Saturn – It represents wisdom, integrity, and discipline, therefore it helps in maintaining a balance of rules, responsibility, ambition, knowledge, and leadership.

 â—      Hessonite Garnet or Gomed is for Rahu – It helps negate the evil effects and calms the senses. It blesses and brings success, wealth and status for a person in society; also increases the life span of the person.

 â—      Chrysoberyl or Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia – The color of this stone resembles that of a neem fruit with the shine of silver streak. It is said to be a very powerful talisman that can bring and direct good fortune for a person. It has powers for spiritual tendencies like astral forces and spirits.




These Gemstone Astrology work in accordance with the nine planets, metals as well as d]different body parts and present their effects swiftly also depending upon the person’s will and work.


Conclusion: The Gemstone Astrology plays a very vital role in learning about how different stones have different energies and powers that can be transferred to the human body in order to negate the malefic effects of certain events or happenings in an individual’s life.