Gemstones for Aquarius

Gemstones for Aquarius

Aquarius are famous for their confidence and self-assurance. They are sometimes also called inventors, because of their curious and ever-excited nature. They are extremely unpredictable but quite original. An Aquarius is always considered a very intelligent sign, and generous too. An Aquarius is kind but can be detached from those around him. He or she may also be irresponsible. This sign is considered to be an easy-going and fun-loving person, and very loyal. This sign is independent and supportive, and very friendly to others.


For all zodiac signs, stones are extremely important as they can help the signs with health problems, be lucky charms, or just give them calm and peace. For an Aquarius, the most important stone is Amethyst, as it gives them the most power out of all the stones lucky for them. This stone is a variation of quartz, and has 6 sides at each end, and can be clearly distinguished by its long prismatic crystals. This stone is a symbol of purification of the soul and helps the person wearing it to get rid of negative energy and tough situations. This stone, when worn with silver, gives a clear thinking pattern to Aquarius, and helps in calming their mind.


There are other auspicious gemstones for this sign:-

1. Turquoise: This stone represents the most suited color for this sign: blue. It also helps in boosting the humanitarian aspect of this sign, as it removes uneven vibrations present in the career of an Aquarius. It also promotes creativity and positive thinking.


2. Garnet: It is the symbol of truth and love. This stone balances out the erratic occurrences of Uranus and is a very powerful balancer for air. This crystal helps heal a broken heart, and also emotional trauma. This stone activates the Heart chakra too, which increases blood circulation and flushes out toxins from the human body rather easily.


3. Moonstone: This stone is best worn with silver for an Aquarius. It helps them to relax, and increases their intuition. It also helps them with digestion problems. It is great to encourage reason in this sign and when worn as a necklace, can also help with lucid dreams, astral travel and forming a connection with spiritual guides.


4. Aquamarine: This stone connects an Aquarius to their Throat Chakra, and helps them communicate. The stone ensures that any held up ideas and resentments are resolved via communication. This stone also fosters empathy and compassion when worn, connecting Aquarius to their humanity.


5. Amber: This stone is a fossilized resin, and not a gemstone. It heals the person wearing it. When an Aquarius is preparing to make changes, they should wear this stone on their wrist. This protects their future and helps in healing the past. It also helps them connect with the Earth, and tap into their intelligence.


6. Labradorite: This stone is used by healers and shamans all across the world for its mystical energy. It permanently protects the Aquarius who wears it, and represents fire and water, both of which are perfect to balance this sign. This stone can also be used as a massage prop, as it can help the healing energies to enter your skin easily.


7. Hematite: This stone also helps the wearer to wash away their past as they make plans for the future. It helps the sign to ground all the water and air energy that an Aquarius is surrounded with. Their negative emotions are swept away and are replaced with strength and confidence, boosting this sign up to achieve great things.


8. Angelite: This stone helps an Aquarius with communication. It is a multi-chakra stone, and also great for healing purposes. It also helps in the growth of anyone who wears it and provides the wearer a stronger intuition.


These stones help an Aquarius to tap into their true potential, and achieve a greater balance in life. These stones can help heal their emotional wounds and also correct their future. If worn at the right time of the year, these stones can also benefit other signs to reach their potential. So we suggest you go out and get yourself one of these immediately! Who knows the power that you might be able to access!

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