GEMINIAN - The View of a Gemini on Each Zodiac

A Gemini is one among the most vivid and vibrantly thinking signs of the zodiac. From their split nature to their easy-going attitude, everything keeps amusing others. Estimating them might seem a cakewalk to many, but, they are above all the expectations. They are the kind of people that bring in drastic changes in a plan they made at the very last moment. Though they are hated by most people for the fickle-minded nature they have, it is their attractive personality that binds them with many. They are never devoid of a social group that they would not shy away from calling theirs. Understanding these complicated signs is not everyone’s cup of tea. They are very proud of their intuitions, most of which are generally correct in the end. It could be attributed to the analysis they do of a person in a few meetings. This kind of analysis helps them in most cases to make their choice of a person which generally is not stable and in other cases, creates misinterpretations that could leave them separated from the person for a lifetime.

Honest Opinions of Gemini

It is generally impossible for a person to express brutally opinions about someone. Gemini is known to have this quality, though they speak about others most of the time in either their own head or with one person they are most attached to. The honest opinions of a Gemini are generally indigestible for any person which may or may not be true.

-        Aries – The way an Aries takes the lead in all situations attracts the Gemini eye and they develop immense respect for them in the first meeting which fades away in no time. The bossy nature of the Aries turns off the Gemini who in return may rebel against the Aries. It would be similar to two leaders fighting with each other.


-        Taurus – The Taurus is known to be a grounded species, who is the exact opposite of the carefree Gemini. The Taurus prefers comfort over adventure, home over explorations whereas the Gemini loves everything and anything that is a risk. Under no circumstances would a Gemini appreciate a Taurus, except for their charming eyes, that attract the Gemini.


-        Gemini – Though it seems improbable, a Gemini can hate another Gemini easily. Just like two north poles of the magnet move away from each other, two Geminis could move away from each other in no time. Also, it is inevitable that the correct set of two people of the four Gemini meet make it a bond made in heaven.


-        Cancer – A Cancerian might seem attractive and emotionally connecting to the Gemini initially but, the extreme emotional and sensitive nature of the Cancerian prevents Gemini from being their carefree true self causing the bond to be something that has only wishing each other and no connection on a deeper level.


-        Leo – Leos catch the attention of a Gemini soon. They are the kind of people who on the outside are the strongest leaders, encouraging everyone around them to reach greater heights, which is a thing that a Gemini appreciates. The sensitive side of the Leo too does not cause a turn off to the Gemini, making their bond something that would gather enough attention.


-        Virgo – The only thing that a Gemini does not like is perfection. Gemini believes in finding happiness through the imperfections of life. This nature of the Virgos aggravates the Gemini, causing frequent flings. The carefree nature of the Gemini would generally be interrupted by the pre-planned Virgo, which would cause the Gemini losing a part of themselves.


-        Libra – The only sign in the entire zodiac that catches Gemini’s attention is Libra. The level of uncertainty they share connects them on many levels. They are known to appreciate each other’s carefree nature, causing a balance of everything in their lives. They will always be the best business partners since their ideas go well with each other.


-        Scorpio – The vibrant nature of a Scorpio will remain only an initial attraction to the Gemini. The emotional journey a Scorpio embarks on is a path that would always be against that of the Gemini. This, even if together, would be a dreadful relation for both.


-        Sagittarius – The Sagittarians are the best companions for a Gemini in terms of knowledge and exploration. The Sagittarians have a quest for knowledge that is never-ending which would take them places, questioning and observing everything. This is the path, the Gemini would never move away from.


-        Capricorn – A Capricorn’s dedication towards work and their deeply concentrated nature attract the Gemini, keeping them in awe. Though this appreciation would last not much longer, as the Capricorn keeps immersing themselves in work and does not give the appropriate attention a Gemini is in need of causing a rift.


-        Aquarius – Except for the emotional distance, Aquarians are one among the closest friends to a Gemini. They share the same amount of enthusiasm for almost all things and develop a liking for similar things. The emotional distance an Aquarian keeps is the only factor that might aggravate the Gemini, disturbing their bond.



-        Pisces – The partnership of a Piscean with a Gemini is similar to that of two distant stars trying to be together. The free nature of the Gemini is something the Piscean will not appreciate and the dreamy nature of a Piscean is a major distancing factor for the Gemini.